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Audio Emotes
TOC 2.1 (20100)
Category Audio Addons
Author ZacWolf <[email protected]>
OptionalDeps Ace2
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

AEmotes adds audio emotes to World of Warcraft. The AEmotes addon is a framework for adding other AEmotes addons. These addons add multiple tracks that allow playing mp3 audio sound-bites along with a character emote if desired.


This Addon does nothing by itself.

  • AEmotes is a framework that allows adding additional Artist/Track plugins for playing audio sound bites.
  • Depending on the coding of the individual artists plugins, AEmotes could possibly be cross-faction. This means that in a situation where Horde and Alliance are in the same area, they will also hear and see the AEmote (If they have the AEmotes addon and the matching Artist Plugin(s))


To install, download the zip file and unzip it into your {WorldOfWarcraft-folder}/Interfaces/Addons directory.

  • You must install at least one artist plugin
  • OPTIONAL: Install FuBar_AEmotesFU to display a FuBar list of all installed Artist/Tracks plugins.

Artist Addons for AEmotes

See AEmotes Artists for the various Artist plugins that you can add.

Coming Soon...

Instructions for creating your own Audio Emotes plugins


If you add an audio group or have questions, please drop an email to the AEmotes author at [email protected]