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A mod to filter the Trade chat, shunting it to a seperate chat window if it exists (chat window is OMGWTFBBQ).
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Chat/Communication Addons
Author crashmstr
Version 0.3
Embeds AceLibrary, AceOO-2.0, AceAddon-2.0, AceDB-2.0, AceConsole-2.0, AceEvent-2.0, AceHook-2.1
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

ASSinTrade is a add-on to filter out the spam that fills Trade chat. Unlike normal spam filters, ASSinTrade uses it's filter to determine what to keep, such as chat containing WTS or WTB.

Although this add-on is not currently feature complete, it is functional. This is my first WoW add-on as well as my first time using subversion so I hope there are not any problems with getting the embedded libraries and such.

How it works / What it does

This add-on monitors the "2. Trade" chat and searches for certain strings or patterns. If there is a pattern match, the chat is kept and shown as normal. If there is not a match, then the chat is removed from the main chat window. If there is a chat window named OMGWTFBBQ and "shunt" is turned on, then it will output that chat in the OMGWTFBBQ chat window. This can be used to either make sure the add-on is working (and not that Trade is mysteriousy quiet) and also to make sure that you are not missing anything that may be worthwhile.

Included Patterns

These use lua's pattern matching

  • [wW][tT][bBsStT] - matches WTB, WTS, WTT, upper and lower case
  • [lL][fF][wWeE] - LFE, LFW
  • LFEnchant
  • LF%dM? - matches common LF2M, LF1M, etc.
  • [lL][fF][gG] - LFG
  • AH
  • looking for work
  • lockpick
  • [sS][eE][lL][lL][iI][nN][gG]


Use /assint or /assintrade

  • about Shows the about box
  • on Turns it on or off
  • shunt Turns on and off the shunting of the "spam" text to the OMGWTFBBQ

Known Issues

  • I've not found any way to create a new chat window, so the user must manually create the OMGWTFBBQ chat window for each character (or copy the chat-cache.txt file between profiles) Please email me if you have a solution or a suggestion for how to do this!

To-do list

  • add command line parameters to add/modify/remove filter patters
  • add UI to configure filter patterns

Feedback / Problems

Please email me with any feedback for the add-on or this page. I hope you enjoy it. email