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Custom Layout Frames for ag_UnitFrames
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category UnitFrame Addons
Author Mulesh
Version 1.1.18
Credits Andreasg, Rabbit, ckknight, Miles, Roartindon, Buena, Nyrine, xLevus, Alcaras, Caithlyn, Aly, iganokage, Stanko, Andrea, Bobwich, MoonWitch
Releases WoWI
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


This will load pre-defined Frame Layouts for ag_UnitFrames. Layouts included:


  1. Open the archive with your favorite archive program (winzip, winrar).
  2. Extract the contents to WorldofWarcraft\Interface\Addons folder.


If you would like to send me your ag_UnitFrames layout file for inclusion in this addon, you may do so by sending your .lua file (and any font files) in a Zip to bell_nathan at hotmail dot com with "aUF_Layouts" in the subject.

If YOUR layout is already included in this addon and YOU do not wish it to be included, send an email to bell_nathan at hotmail dot com with "aUF_Layouts" in the subject and the name of YOUR layout in the body.

Known Issues

  • dissappearing class text Fixed, awaiting feedback

Sometimes a layout fails to show class text for a frame, believed to be random.
Reason is unknown, believed to be incorrect formating in the layout's table definition
Workaround - switch the "bugged" frame's layout to any other layout then back to desired layout (suggest using ABF for reseting)

  • Text fields not updating

If a layout uses OverrideTag's for a text field, that element will not update automaticly when selecting a new layout.
Workaround - after selecting the desired layout, use the ag_UnitFrames menu to "Hide Frame" and then "Show Frame" to force an update. If it still refuses to update, then use /rl to reload your interface.