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aX-Mods: RaidStatus-Core-
XRS Replacement with DPS/Healers/Tanks filtering.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Raid Addons
Author Apoco
Version 1.0
Credits Rabbit, Tivoli, Nevcairiel
Embeds LibStub, AceLibrary, CallbackHandler-1.0, AceAddon-3.0, AceConsole-3.0, AceDB-3.0, AceEvent-3.0, AceLocale-3.0, AceTimer-3.0, LibBabble-Class-3.0, LibSharedMedia-3.0, LibRock-1.0, LibFuBarPlugin-Mod-3.0, DewdropLib, LibTalentQuery-1.0
OptionalDeps Ace3, Ace2, FuBar, SharedMedia, Dock, Omen
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


aX Raid Status is a lightweight mod that allows you to track vital raid information on the fly. It was written after XRS because XRS does not allow you to track by player, only group/class.

Example: If you have shadow priest in a healing group, they are counted as a healer.

This was not good enough for me. So I wrote this.


  • Tracking of DPS Alive/HP/Mana
  • Tracking of Healers Alive/HP/Mana
  • Tracking of Tanks Alive (not hp/mana)
  • Tracking of Zones.
  • Ability to filter via class/name not group/class
  • Full Dock support.
  • Nurfed Movement Support
  • FuBar Support
  • Ability to adjust how quickly it updates.
  • Alpha (Added 0.5 Beta)
  • Scaling (Added 0.5 Beta)
  • Changing Bar Textures (Added 0.5 Beta)

Features that will NOT be added:

  • Tracking of:
    • Buffs. (RaidBuffFu does this perfectly well)
      • If I end up writing a mod that tracks buffs, it will be a standalone mod. As of now I do not see why I should.
    • PVP Status (Why?)
    • Flasks (Refer to buffs)
    • <Insert Random Silly Stuff Here>

Upcoming Features (Possibly):

  • Fade out (when you are not hovering over it, it will disappear)
  • Filtering of Bars (The ability to decide which are shown, which aren't, and what order they are shown in)

Command List:


  • /axrs {debug | dock | dpslst | groups | heallst | lock | tanklst | update | icon | text | position | minimapAttach | hide | profile | standby | about}


  • debug: [Off/On] Turns on Debug Mode. (Warning! YOU WILL BE SPAMMED)
  • dock: [Off/On] Check if Docking ONLY
  • dpslst add [name]: Adds a name to the DPS list.
  • groups: [#] What group do you wish to include in the checking? Default is 5
  • heallst add [name]: Adds a name to the healing list.
  • lock: [Off/On]: Only used when not docking or not using Nurfed.
  • tanklst add [name]: Adds a name to the tanking list.
  • update [time]: How long the mod waits before each update (default is 25, the lower the faster)
  • icon: [Off/On] Show the plugins icon on the panel.
  • text: [Off/On] Show the plugins text on the panel.
  • position: [Right/Middle/Left] Position the plugin on the panel.
  • minimapAttach: [Off/On] Attach the plugin to the minimap instead of the panel.
  • hide: [Off/On] Hide the plugin from the panel or minimap, leaving the addon running.
  • profile: Set profile for this addon.
  • standby: [Active] Suspend/resume this addon.
  • about: Show information about the addon.


<insert screenies here>