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Ace 1.4.1
AddOn development and management toolkit.
TOC 2.0 (20000)
Authors Kaelten, Turan
OptionalDeps myAddOns
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


Latest Release

Below is the latest stable version of Ace. It is always highly recommended you use the latest stable version unless you are a developer or you wish to help test the newer versions.

Ace (January 5, 2006)

Pre-Release Versions

Should you wish to use a more current version, please pay careful attention to the Ace Patch Submission Forum and the Ace Development Discussion Forum.

Development Tools

The development kit contains some documentation on Ace, addon templates, a couple example addons, and the AceUtil function library, which is a unique system for distributing shared functions.

Ace Development Kit (September 16, 2005)

AceDebug, included in the development kit, is an addon that displays the debug messages of Ace addons. Use of this addon in conjuction with Ace's built-in debug methods allows developers to safely sprinkle their addons with debug statements without having to worry if they forget to remove those messages. Debug statements will not display unless AceDebug is installed and debugging is turned on for the specific addon.

AceDebug (August 7, 2005)


AceGUI is a lightweight, and powerful interface to an object oriented approach to GUI development. Working from a base element, other XML devices are extended and expanded from each other to provide a common set of functions and events to use when working with GUIs.

AceGUI is not required for Ace to function, but you may find that some Ace Addons you wish to use require it as a dependancy.

AceGUI has it's own documentation, tutorials, and download links over on the AceGUI Documentation page.

Ace Reference Manual

Documentation on WoWAce.


Ace Tutorials / Example Code

Coins is a simple addon that displays a message whenever you gain or lose money, such as when you spend money at a merchant. It is actually a fairly robust addon with several options. It serves as a good introduction to Ace development.

Coins (September 16, 2005)


Covering common problems and pitfalls working with Ace. If it grows large enough it will have its own page, until then it can reside here.

Common Errors

Attempt to index local 'self' (on line X of filename.lua)
90% of the time I've come across this error it has been as a result of calling the function with Something.FunctioName() instead of Something:FunctionName().
Find every place you can which is supposed to call this function and double check it.
If you intend to call Something.FunctionName() with a period instead of a colon, you should ensure you pass 'self' through as an argument.

Ace Resources