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Lib: AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets
Enables AceGUI-3.0 widgets for the 5 basic SharedMedia-3.0 types
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author Yssaril
Version 3.0
OptionalDeps Ace3, LibSharedMedia-3.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

If you where wondering the name is finalized now

This addon provides 5 AceGUI-3.0 widgets that will make selection LibSharedMedia-3.0 types easier.

The widget names are:

  • "LSM30_Font"
  • "LSM30_Sound"
  • "LSM30_Statusbar"
  • "LSM30_Background"
  • "LSM30_Border"

to use these widgets simply create the widget and register for the appropriate callback "OnValueChanged"

the other way to use the widgets is to replace the select option in a ACE-3.0 option table by adding dialogControl = "widget name", to it you will also need to supply a list of keys to the values you may use the lists provided by the widgets by setting values as(use the appropriate one):

  • AceGUIWidgetLSMlists.font
  • AceGUIWidgetLSMlists.sound
  • AceGUIWidgetLSMlists.statusbar
  • AceGUIWidgetLSMlists.border
  • AceGUIWidgetLSMlists.background

here is some sample code that works with the above generated list to add a Font Selection box to a Ace-3.0 optiontable. Of course you need to use AceConfigDialog-3.0 to actually see the widget :P

    font = {
         type = 'select',
         dialogControl = 'LSM30_Font', --Select your widget here
         name = 'Some Name',
         desc = 'Some Description',
         values = AceGUIWidgetLSMlists.font, -- this table needs to be a list of keys found in the sharedmedia type you want
         get = function()
              return current -- variable that is my current selection
         set = function(self,key)
              current = key -- saves our new selection the the current one

Screen shots

The LSM30_Font widget

Lsm30 font.jpg

The LSM30_Sound widget (and yes you can preview the sound by clicking on the speaker)

Lsm30 sound.jpg

The LSM30_Statusbar widget

Lsm30 statusbar.jpg

The LSM30_Background widget

Lsm30 background.jpg

The LSM30_Border widget

Lsm30 border.jpg