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It is often asked "is there an ace alternative to this addon", here is a list of Ace alternatives to some of the common addons.

Raid Addons

See Raiding with Ace AddOns and Category:Raid Addons.

Party Addons

Decursive / SmartDebuff

Casting Bar




  • ZOMGBuffs by Zek - Buff reminders and auto-buffing of yourself, the party, or the raid. Buffs by a keybind, icon click, or mouse scroll wheel.

Interface / Layout Addons

Action Buttons

All in One Inventory/Bank / EngBags

  • OneBag by Kaelten - OneBag is a replacement for the default game bags that combines all the bags into one frame.
  • OneBank by Kaelten - A plugin for OneBag to display your bank inventory as an AllInOneInventory.
  • OneView by Kaelten - A plugin for OneBag and Bank which saves your character information so you can get your bank contents from anywhere.
  • OneRing by Kaelten - A plugin for OneBag to make your keyring the same texture as OneBag/Bank.
  • ArkInventory by Arkayenro - Allows viewing of yours and your alts Bags, Keyring and Bank whenever you want

Combat Log


  • Prat 2.0 by Prat Development Team - A framework for chat frame modules. ~ There are a set of modules for this mod that do everything that confab does and more


  • AuldLangSyne by Kemayo - Should auld acquaintance be forgot, you'll need something to remember them by.

DamageMeters / SWStats

  • Assessment - Combats Statitics
  • Recount by - Graphing damage meter that is designed to be a raid analysis tool to aide in increasing performance.


  • RatingBuster - Compares the item with the worn item (may in/exclude gems, enchants, ..)
  • Mirror by bigzero - Compare equipped inventory items against items in chatframe hyperlink and bags/bank.
  • tekKompare by Tekkub_Stoutwrithe - A replacement for EquipCompare and similar addons.



  • AuldLangSyne by Kemayo - Should auld acquaintance be forgot, you'll need something to remember them by.


Move Anything!

Player Buffs

Scrolling Combat Text

  • SCT ~ Version 5 of SCT is an Ace2 Addon

Spell Alert

Square Minimap


Titan Panel


  • TinyTip by Thrae - Adds reaction coloring, unit class / classification, race, and optionally pvp rank and guild to your tooltip. Default is stuck-to-mouse anchoring. Also ToT info and more. It's what Thrae wants in a tooltip.
  • CowTip by ckknight - A highly configurable tooltip addon, coloring, size, location and custom text to include classification, race, rank, guild, guildrank, sex, spec, and many more using LibDogTag-3.0.

Unit Frames

See : Category:UnitFrame Addons

Wardrobe / ItemRack / Outfitter

WIM / Chatr / ForgottenChat

Non-Combat / Trade Skill Addons

Advanced Trade Skill Window

  • Skillet by nogudnik - A replacement for the default tradeskill window with many of the same features as ATSW.


  • KC_Items .95 by Kaelten - Mod pack that covers (or will cover) just about all possible item functionality.



Enchantrix takes a bit too detailed of an approach to predicting disenchant results. There are generalized formulas that work very well built into GFW_DisenchantPredictor. The Ace crew recommends GFW's mods, he does some good work!

Fishing Buddy

The core casting functionality from Fishing Buddy is now available in Fishing Ace! by Sutorix - Simple right click casting..



  • Fence by Neriak - An acution house AddOn to make the life of each fence easier.

Reagent Data / Reagent Info

  • Mendeleev by Rabbit - Adds various information based on PeriodicTable to item tooltips. ~ Displays a plethora of item information, including Recipe source (ala GFW_AdSpace), Item drop rates, faction requirements, and much more

Class Specific Addons

Damn Windfury (Shaman)

Totem Timer (Shaman)

  • GotWood by Moonsorrow - A Totem Timer Addon
  • Yata - Another Totem Timer Addon, with AutoBar like totem selector

Necrosis and similar