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Ace is a lightweight and powerful system for building World of Warcraft addons. It is a new approach to addon development, a rethinking from the ground up. Ace provides developers with the tools needed by most addons, freeing them from repeating common tasks and allowing them to jump right into the creative part of building their addons. New and experienced addon coders alike can benefit from Ace's features.

Ace Wiki

Ace Wiki is a place to develop documentation for the core Ace projects as well for Ace addons. Here you can find both a section for Ace Documentation and AceGUI Documentation. There will also be a place for people to build up documentation on Ace dependent addons.

As with all Wikis, you will probably find that people come along and edit your articles. Do not be offended as the wiki is a communal effort to get the information as accurate and helpful as possible.

If you see an obvious mistake, spelling error, or typo, then correct it with a small note in the summary field explaining why. If you have a larger change to suggest on someone else's article (e.g. change in formatting), it might be prudent to take it to the Talk page for that article first.