Advance Broadcaster

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Advance Broadcaster
Advance Broadcaster sends messages to channels at specified intervals. Please Use Wisely! I Can't Get You Off Ignore Lists!
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Chat/Communication Addons
Author Krakhaan of Khaz'goroth
Version 2.1
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Advance Broadcaster automatically send a unlimited number of messages to their designated channels and intervals.

Advance Broadcaster is a powerful tool, use it wisely. I cannot get you off ignore lists.

NOTE: When upgrading when 1.x to 2.x, please note that your current messages will not be compatible and will have to be reentered.


  • Pauses when AFK/DND, in battleground and PVP Combat.
  • Message grouping support! You can now add multiple messages to an id. Messages can be sent in either Round Robin (default) or Random fashion.
  • Unlimited number of messages.
  • Unrestricted intervals.
  • Variables in messages.
  • Support standard channels (Say, Yell, Guild, Party, Raid, Officer) and password protected private channels.
  • Disconnection prevention.
  • FuBar plugin.
  • Titan Panel plugin.


Variable Substitution
!loc! exact current location in (x, y) co-ordinates
!lvl! current character's level
!gr! guild rank
!gn! guild name
!z! zone name
!sz! subzone name
!alch! alchemy skill level
!bs! blacksmithing skill level
!enc! enchanting skill level
!eng! engineering skill level
!lw! leatherworking skill level
!jc! jewelcrafting skill level
!tail! tailoring skill level
!cook! cooking skill level
!aid! first aid skill level
!fish! fishing skill level
!poi! poisons skill level
!lp! lockpicking skill level

Slash Commands

Command Description
/ab ( on | off ) toggles Advance Broadcaster on and off.
/ab remove <id> <index> remove message N of id specified.
/ab send <id> immediately sends message of id specified.
/ab interval <id> set interval (in seconds, defaults to 180) of id specified.
/ab chan <id> <channel name | number> set message at id specified.
/ab msg <id> <index> <message> set message N of id specified.
/ab enable <id> enable id specified.
/ab disable <id> disable of id specified.
/ab edit <id> edit id specified, creates new if id does not exists.
/ab new creates new message.
/ab status <id> prints settings of id or leave blank for status of all.
/ab rv resets to default variables. maybe require after a version update.
Note: <id> is a single case-insensitive alphanumeric word e.g. ad1, 1, msg, wts

Using AB in Other Mods

Other mods can make use of the facilities provide by Advance Broadcaster via the following lua commands:

  • AB_Insert(id, msgindex, msg, chan, password, interval, ttl, enabled, rotation) - Insert or update a message, where rotation is 1 (random) or 2 (round robin)
  • AB_Remove(id) - Remove a group of messages
  • AB_RemoveMsg(id, msgindex) - Remove a message
  • AB_UpdateVariable(variable,value) - Insert or update a variable
  • AB_RemoveVariable(variable) - Remove a variable
  • AB_GetVariableValue(variable) - Get the value of a variable, returns nil or string

Version History


  • Updated multiline messages will be sent as multiple messages and not concatenated as one. Each line cannot exceed 255 characters still
  • Fixed minor bug when removing current message (UI)
  • Fixed minor bug referencing Answering Machine Plus battleground array


  • Added AB now pauses in BG and PVP Combat
  • Added message grouping and broadcast type (i.e. random or round robin)
  • Added multiline edit box for messages


  • Updated TOC for 2.4
  • Updated ChatThrottleLib as extern
  • Moved to WoWACE SVN


  • Added mod to WoWAce SVN
  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v18
  • Updated TOC for 2.2
  • Updated !sz! returns !z! if subzone is not available


  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v17
  • Updated TOC


  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v16


  • Added tooltips for FuBar plugin
  • Added SetItemRef hook
  • Fixed editbox bug
  • Updated smarter save button
  • Added ChatThrottleLib to prevent disconnections


  • Removed Answering Machine Plus support to use Blizzard API for AFK/DND detection
  • Updated FuBar and Titan plugins lots
  • Added channel drop down menu for listing user joint channels
  • Added variables support in messages
  • Added Advanced Trade Skill Window (ATSW) skill icon support
  • Updated channel drop down menu to include standard channels


  • Update interface behaviour
    • clicking enable checkbox does not save now, always use the save button
    • pressing space on ID field will change focus to Interval field
    • pressing space on Interval field will change focus to Channe-l field
  • Fixed bug with enable checkbox
  • Fixed bug with key binding labels
  • Added slash command for creating of new message
  • Added slash command for editing of messages
  • Added interface for editing of messages
  • Minor code optimizations
  • Change plugins' icon to that of a broadcaster's microphone


  • Fixed array access issues when a ID is removed
  • Minor code optimizations
  • Fixed bug when enabling/disabling a ID
  • Fixed bug with tooltip


  • Fixed channel not showing when joined
  • Updated tooltip to reflect paused status when AFK/DND if AMP support is enabled


  • Fixed bug where timers are not reinitialized on load
  • Fixed localization bug


  • Initial Release

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Data from this page gathered from the addon's read-me file on 29 September 2007.