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Unit frame addon using AceOO.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category UnitFrame Addons
Author andreasg
Version 05-01-07
Credits Rabbit, ckknight, Miles, Roartindon
Embeds Ace2, DewdropLib, LibSharedMedia-2.0, TabletLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0
OptionalDeps FuBar, MobHealth, SharedMedia-2.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye
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Note that portraits are off by default, and do not take up any resources until enabled.

A unit frame addon, written using object oriented development techniques from Ace2. It applies its layout from a theme table, allowing for great flexibility for users wishing to customize their unit frames.

The history of this unit frame addon goes back quite some time, actually. The idea was born out of a frame addon called MiniGroup, developed by jaslaughter. This eventually spawned MiniGroup2 and another developer started to step in to the picture to take it over: drewkeller. Drewkeller started to become busy with other projects and that is where AndreasG (ag) enters the picture to continue development on that project. As the code behind MiniGroup2 was getting larger and, in some ways, more cumbersome to both expand and keep bugfree, a rewrite was started utilizing Ace2. Ag_UnitFrames was born! While essentially a completely new unit frame from the ground up, much of the frame design and features are based on MiniGroup, to which all the developers and original creators are owed a big "thank you!"

To-Do Lists

ag_UnitFrames of course is still well in the development phase. Here is the to-do list (in no particular order)

  • Party targets and pet target (pet target semi-implemented)
  • 3D portrait movable to either the left or the right side of the frame.
  • (Rewrite aura system to allow separate placement of buffs/debuffs and inside frames [Might have been added?])
  • expand theme system to allow multiple background frames (for example perl uses multiple background frames)
  • Raid groups can stick together
  • Add maintanks perhaps through oRA

Furthermore, additional people are also contributing to the development of this addon, and have wiki pages set up with their own current to-do lists:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell what my pet's happiness is?
The color of your pets frame indicates his happiness. Green for happy, yellow for the next level down, so on and so forth.
Does aguf show which units are out of range?
Not by default. You'll need to grab aUF_RangeCheck by Sairen (link broken).
When I have 'Filter Auras' selected it does/doesn't show _______.
aguf uses the Blizzard aura filter. At this time, there is no way to manually edit the list of buffs/debuffs that are affected by 'Filter Auras'.
Does ag_UnitFrames support any kind of mob information addons (MobInfo, MobHealth, etc.)?
ag_UnitFrames only supports MobHealth3. Currently only the predefined statustext styles show mobhealth, custom styles can't yet.
How do I hide the blizzard party frames?
aguf does this by default. Chances are you have another addon (probably MoveAnything, DFM, or Visor) that is making them visible.
Does aguf have an option to display portraits?
Portraits were added as an option recently. It only works for themes that supports it.
Is there an option on the player frame for a combat status icon (or message)?
When I target myself, Target of Target does not show.
This is intentional. If you're targeting yourself, you are the target of your target and there is no need to show the target of target frame.
Help, my right-click menu isn't showing up!
aguf does not interfere with the normal right-click menu. Remember that you can't right-click the player frame when you are not in a group.
How can I turn off the health bar changing color as the unit takes damage?
Type '/script aUF.db.profile.SmoothHealthBars = false' to disable this hidden setting.
I see other authors contributing to ag_UnitFrames and want to contribute as well! Is this okay?
Nothing about ag_UnitFrames is "secret." In fact, AndreasG wants help as maintaining a unit frames addon can be extremely time consuming. With that said, there are some procedures that need to be followed though. If you have direct access to the SVN, please create a branch and do your modifications there. From this, a unified diff file can be created and AndreasG can merge the changes as needed. Otherwise, just modify a local copy and then submit a unified diff of your changes that way. Okay, so bottom line: unified diffs are good! Also, make sure you have fully tested your changes, as if changes are made that cause problems it will be your responsibility to get them fixed.
I found a bug!
This is bound to happen. First, please search the forums to make sure your issue hasn't already been addressed and/or fixed. If it doesn't seem to have shown up yet, make a post. In this post, please provide AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE. Exact steps you took to make the bug happen, screenshots, exact error messages, etc. etc. You really can't be too specific when talking about bugs! Also, please be patient. ag_UnitFrames is a big project, but also a personal project as well. Meaning things such as real life could, in fact, come first.

"Watchdog" custom unit status tags

  • [name] - Unit Name
  • [raidgroup] - group number if in a raid
  • [status] - Dead, Ghost, Offline, Combat, Resting
  • [statuscolor] - colors for above "status"
  • [happycolor] - pet happiness color
  • [aghp] - Absolute HP, for use with MobHealth3
  • [agpercenthp] - Percent Absolute HP, for use with MobHealth3
  • [agmissinghp] - Missing Absolute HP, for use with MobHealth3
  • [agsmarthp] - Smart Absolute HP, for use with MobHealth3
  • [agcurrenthp] - Current Absolute HP, for use with MobHealth3
  • [agmana]
  • [agpercentmana]
  • [agmissingmana]
  • [agsmartmana]
  • [agclass]
  • [agrace]
  • [agtype]
  • [curhp] - Current Health
  • [maxhp] - Max Health
  • [percenthp] - Percent Health
  • [missinghp] - Missing Health
  • [curmana] - Current Mana
  • [maxmana] - Max Mana
  • [percentmana] - Percent Mana
  • [missingmana] - Missing Mana
  • [typemana] - Rage, Focus, Energy, or Mana
  • [level] - Unit Level or "??"
  • [class] - Unit Class
  • [creature] - Creature Type, Family or "Unknown"
  • [smartclass] -
  • [combos] - Combo Points
  • [combos2] - "@"Combo Points
  • [classification] - "Rare", "Elite", "Elite Rare", World Boss "Boss"
  • [faction] - Faction
  • [connect] - Connected or Offline
  • [race] - unit Race
  • [pvp] - PvP Flagged
  • [plus] - Elite Mob, returns '+'
  • [sex] - Unit Sex
  • [rested] - If Unit is Rested
  • [leader] - If Unit is Leader of Party, returns (L)
  • [leaderlong] - Same but retruns (Leader)
  • [happynum] - Pet Happiness Number
  • [happytext]
  • [happyicon] - Smiley or undecided or Sad
  • [curxp] - XP
  • [maxxp] - Max XP
  • [percentxp] - Percent XP
  • [missingxp] - Missing XP
  • [restedxp] - Rested XP
  • [tappedbyme] - Unit Tapped by You, returns '*'
  • [istapped] - Tapped, but not by you
  • [pvpranknum] - PvP Rank Number
  • [pvprank] - PvP Rank Name
  • [fkey] - Party F(1,2,3,4) Key
  • [white] - The Color White
  • [aggro] - Color of Aggro
  • [difficulty] - Difficulty Color
  • [colormp] - Mana Bar Color (Rage, Mana, etc.)
  • [inmelee] - Color if in Melee
  • [incombat] - Color if in Combat (same as above)
  • [raidcolor] - Color of Classes in Raid
  • [guild] - Guildname