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Tracks enemy casting times, buffs and cooldowns.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Combat Addons
Author Sole
Version $Revision$
Credits fenlis, tazmanyak, onkel, Cinedelle, flymouse, durcyn
Embeds Ace2, PaintChipsLib, CandyBar, DewdropLib, LibSharedMedia-3.0, Waterfall-1.0
Releases WoWI Curse UI.WoW
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Antagonist is a lightweight, easy-to-setup enemy cast bar addon utilizing Ace2. It tracks enemy cast and channeling times, buff durations and cooldowns.

What does it do?

  • Tracks enemy casting times
  • Tracks enemy buff durations
  • Tracks enemy cooldowns
  • Smart bars which adjust to the flow of combat
  • Lots of things explained below...

What won't it do?

  • Track the player's buffs/debuffs
  • Track the player's spell durations
  • Boss timers


Target and Focus casting and channeling bars
Will adjust to show delays when the units are damaged.
When you target one of these units a bar and they are casting/channeling a spell then a timer will appear with the time left on that cast. This will also update an already existing timer if it was started from area scanning.
Smart Fading (Optional)
Bars will fade out if the enemy they are tracking dies.
Buff bars will also fade out if the buff is dispelled or removed by the caster (e.g. Ice Block canceled early).
Click Behavior
You can click on the bars to perform quick functions.
Right Click - stop the clicked bar.
Shift + Right Click - stop all bars from the clicked bar's group (casts/buffs/cooldowns).
Ctrl + Left Click - filter the spell which the clicked bar represents.
Filter System (Blacklist)
This allows you to configure which spells you don't want to see timers for. You can see an example in the first screenshot.
Self-Relevant Option (Unreliable)
This option will only show cast/channeling timers if the player is the target of said spell. This is still in beta as sometimes the target of the spell being cast isn't the target of the casting enemy.
The bars are heavily customizable. You can configure the following: height, width, scale, color, font size, texture, fill direction, growth direction. Antagonist uses SurfaceLib for texture handling, this allows it to use other textures from all addons using SurfaceLib.
Each anchor also has a title which you can enable. You can change the title's text, color and size.


Will you ever add boss timers?
The short answer is no. Antagonist already shows all casts performed by your target and focus units, this includes bosses. However I will not add boss specific timers. This would create bulk. I recommend BigWigs for a complete boss timer package.
Will you ever add tracking of player spells and buffs/debuffs on the player?
Again, no. Tracking of player spells is done very well by Chronometer. I see no reason to reinvent the wheel when its already a pretty good wheel. If you want an even smaller addon than Chronometer then you could use one of the FuBar_ClassTimerFu addons.
How do I access the configuration?
Antagonist has three forms of configuration.
Console - /ant.
Dewdrop - /ant dropdown
GUI - /ant gui
What are the tags I can use in the bar text?
$s - Spell name
$n - Player name
$t - Target of Player (casts)
How do I make the bars all show up in one place?
You can do this by setting the showunder setting of each group to an anchor number.
'Procedure': /ant gui to open the options screen. Expand the Group submenu on the left. For each group, that is Casts, Buffs and Cooldowns, set the showunder value to the same number.
How do I move the anchors?
Type the follow to toggle the anchors /ant lock.