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Combat monitor addon.
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Authors Roartindon, Silvermoon, Viviane, Silvermoon(EU)
Version 1.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Assessment is my little experiment at creating a damage meters addon based around tags. The addon gathers a bunch of information and provides tags to access that data. The actual displays are collections of tags that describe what to show, how to sort them, what to do when the bar is clicked, etc. This allows for flexibility that is almost impossible for other combat monitoring addons.

As a small example: Raw healing done is just a tag that is "healingDone". Actual healing done is: "HealingDone - OverhealingDone". If you wanted to show raw healing per second, you could create a new set called HealingDone/CombatDuration... and it'd work. If you wanted to see how much actual healing and damage someone did, as a combined value, you could.. you'd just use the tag "DamageDealt + HealingDone - OverhealingDone". If you wanted to view some 'whacky' stats like damage done to healing taken ratio, you can do that too.. with the tag: "DamageDealt/HealingTaken"

It supports multiple views. It supports showing detailed information. It supports disabling of gathering specific data to reduce memory requirements.

It supports BigWigs automatic boss kill recordings.

It supports FuBar - you can choose what you want to show as the FuBar text readout.

It is recommended to run Assessment with an increased combat log range. (include in Assessment menu option)

Assessment does NOT cause any extra network traffic.

The default Assessment sets provide the following views:

  • Raid DPS
  • Auras -> Aura Details -> Aura Times
  • Avoidance -> Avoidance Details -> Damage Taken Hit Details
  • Critical Heal Rate -> Critical Heal Rate Details -> Healing Done Hit Details
  • Critical Hit Rate -> Critical Hit Rate Details -> Damage Dealt Hit Details
  • Crowd Control Breaks -> Crowd Control Break Details
  • Damage Dealt -> Damage Dealt Deatils -> Damage Dealt Hit Details
  • Damage Taken -> Damage Taken Deatils -> Damage Taken Hit Details
  • Deaths -> Death Times -> Death Recent Event Log
  • Dispels
  • Flat Death List -> Death Recent Event Log
  • Gains -> Gain Details
  • Group Health
  • Group Maximum Health
  • Group Mana
  • Healing Done -> Healing Done Details -> Healing Done Hit Details
  • Highest Hits
  • Kill List -> Kill Times
  • Interrupts
  • Offline
  • Raw Healing Done -> Raw Healing Done Details -> Raw Healing Done Hit Details
  • Threat

Assessment is not complete. Due to real life issues, I have not had as much time to work on it recently. The documentation for it has been started several times, but never properly completed. Stuff will get done as I find time; but I've been recently short of spare time to code addons.



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