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Automates certain features, AutoInvites, Resurects, Summons. Moves the tooltip, /wt to whisper your target and makes whispers appear in teh middle of your screen. All modular so each module can be deleted
TOC 2.0 (20000)
Category Miscellaneous Addons
Author Ominous
Version 1.0
Credits Bigwigs authors
Embeds Ace2, FuBarPlugin-2.0, DewdropLib, TabletLib
OptionalDeps FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye
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Assister is a mod which hosts some useful features. it includes a FuBar plugin for easy configuration. It's build to be modular so if you don't want a part of the mod just delete it if it's in the /modules/ folder or just disable it in the options menu.

  • Invite: Accepts Group invites from (each option can easily be toggled):
    • People in your friends list
    • People in your guild (above a specified Rank)
    • People from a list you specify
  • Resurect: Automatically accepts resurrection requests from people in your party/raid.
  • Summon: See Invite
  • MoveTooltip: Moves the tooltip to an anchor which is easily toggleable to show and hide.
  • Whisper: Makes your Whispers appear in the middle of the screen so you don't miss them when raiding, with a filter in case you have guildads or gem installed to filter certain phrases you specify.

Assister is built to be modular so if you don't want a part of the mod just delete it if it is on the \modules\ folder or disable it in the options menu.