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WorldMap (old version)
FlightMap (old version)

Atlas of Azeroth provides an alternate ingame map browser. It's based on Ace3 and other libraries of the Ace community. It's currently under heavy development so there is no public download with WAU until the first working version is finished. I have added some screens from the old version so you can see how it will look like.

Note: After a long time absenteeism to WoW I have started to write a complete new version of my addon which will use Ace2. After I see that Ace3 is near release, I will switch to it. I know there are some other addons that do the same job, but after many requests to update my addon, I think some people will be happy about this.

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Before making a feature request or a bug report, check out:


Atlas of Azeroth is fully modularized and provides special functions for other modules to implement new features. The following modules are implemented yet or planned for feature releases. Some features of the modules are also designed as modules.

WorldMap (in work)

  • Normal map navigation like the Blizzard map.
  • Shows coordinates of the player and the cursor.
  • Shows unexplored areas on the map like MozzFullWorldMap.
  • Shows guild members who also have AtlasOfAzeroth, GuildMap or Cartographer.
  • Shows friends who also have AtlasOfAzeroth.

Transportations (planned)

  • Shows all known ship routes.
  • Shows all known zeppelin routes.
  • Shows all known flight points.
  • Records the flight times.
(feature list is not complete yet)

Collector (planned)

  • A module which acts like Gatherer.
(feature list is not complete yet)

Instances (planned)

  • Maps for Instances.
(feature list is not complete yet)

Loot (planned)

  • Some nice Loot list.
(feature list is not complete yet)


Until the release of Ace3 you can download AoA from the branch SVN

SVN repository (branches)

Note: You must move the "AtlasOfAzeroth_???" folders into the AddOns folder of your WoW client.