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AuctionProfit saves information from your invoice auction house mails.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Auction Addons
Author kunda
Version 1.0
Embeds Ace2, DewdropLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0
OptionalDeps FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye
APwindow 'name'
APwindow 'item'
Auction House

AuctionProfit is a World of Warcraft AddOn that saves information from your invoice auction house mails.

AuctionProfit ONLY works if you:

    1. DO NOT USE addons that auto collect money from your mails!
    2. Click on an invoice auction house mail to OPEN it! Click the money!


  • You MUST OPEN the invoice auction house mail!!! Without opening the mail no data is available to save!!!
  • Using addons that automatically pulls out money from auction house mails or mails in general (like Postals 'Open all' or 'shift-click' feature) can cause this addon not to save data from this mails.
  • Fast clicking multiple invoice auction house mails and the money in it can cause this addon not to work. (empiric)
  • AuctionProfit saves the localized item names, because it's not possible to get an itemID from invoice auction house mails. Well, ok it is possible with some hacks, invscan and x-days of temporary itemID/name dbsavesync. toomuchaction... I don't like localized item names, itemIDs are in all cases better, but unless Blizzard is changing the API so it's possible to get the itemID from an invoice auction house mail I will not change this...maybe.
  • There is no way to get the item amount from invoice auction house mails. (read above)
  • There is currently no way to delete something from the AP database.
  • Data is saved per server regardless of faction.
  • profit = buyout - consignment resp. profit = bid - consignment !!!


  • saves server, buyer name, item name, auction count and profit from invoice auction house mails
  • sortable and searchable AuctionProfit window
  • shows profit in tooltip and under the seller in the Auction House (optional)
  • shows profit in player tooltip (optional)
  • all tooltip displays (AH, APwindow and Player) are optional and customizable
  • look at Dewdrop menu (Minimap or FuBar) for more options
  • enUS and deDE localization

Tell me any bugs you found while using AuctionProfit.

You know some way to improve AuctionProfit? Please, tell me.

I do this for fun! If you don't like it, don't use it!