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Reduces interface tedium by doing the little things for you.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author weab
Version 1.3.0
Credits gxam (co-author), sayclub (koKR translations)
Embeds Ace2, AbacusLib, DewdropLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0
Releases WoWI
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Automaton is a lazy man's best friend. Automaton's mission is to automate as many small interface annoyances as possible, to unlock your true laziness. Use /auto or /automaton to enable or disable any of the included functionality:

Automatically send a "ding" notification message to the specified channel(s) (say, emote, yell, party, guild, officer, raid, battleground) when the player levels. You can specify a minimum threshold level, a level multiple (i.e. only ding when level is a multiple of 2, or a multiple of 10) and what the message is (rudamentary format string, can plug in old level, new level, class, race, and player name).
Dismount any time the UI Error message is displayed ("You are mounted"). Useful for mining, collecting herbs, quickly dismounting to fight, etc.
Sets the Filter option at trainers to always default to showing only trainable items.
Navigates gossip and quest text for you. Note that in most cases it should only automate if there is no ambiguity as to your choices. In cases where it acts contrary to your will, simply hold SHIFT when clicking on the NPC to override the feature. Some examples:
  • Banks ("I would like to check my deposit box")
  • Taxi ("I need a ride")
  • Trainers ("Train me")
  • Vendors ("Let me browse your wares")
  • Battlemasters ("I would like to go to the battleground")
  • Custom text such as BWL orb and MC rift crystal
Accepts group invites from anyone in your guild or friends list. Also has options to display /who information on invites from unknown players, or to decline those invites completely.
Decline guild invites
Suppresses the confirmation window for BOP items when you are not in a party. Note that this CAN NOT be fully automated, so you will still have to click the item in the loot window -- it just prevents the confirmation window from showing up.
Saves the SendTo field of your mailbox so you don't have to enter the same name over and over when you're sending multiple items. ALT Right Click on an item in your inventory will also automatically attempt to mail that item.
Dynamically shows and hides the enemy target panes (default SHIFT V) during combat.
Joins battlegrounds queues automatically, can also join after a delay by using /auto queue delay. Please take note on this option: With delay on, if the queue appears and you do not wish to take it, hiding the popup box will not remove you from queue. To leave a queue, you must right click the battleground minimap icon and choose "leave queue." Also be warned if you join multiple queues and do not have the delay on, it will instantly join from one battleground to another if you receive a second queue.
Release to ghost in battlegrounds.
Repairs all items any time you are at a vendor
Accepts resurrection requests you receive. As sometimes automatically accepting a resurrect could be hazardous by default it will only accept the first resurrection request it receives. If you wish it to accept all requests, turn on /auto rez persist.
Sell all gray items when interacting with vendor.
Makes your character stand whenever you get a UI error telling you that you should. (Flight paths and spell casting primarily)
Accepts summons.
Primarily for druids, automatically removes you from shapeshift forms if you try to do something that you cannot while in a form. This also works for ghost wolf. For those of you in TBC with flight form, it very deliberately ignores flight form... because I once accidentally pressed a potion or something without realizing it and fell to my death. That wasn't fun.
Supress duel invitations by declining them, like the wuss you are.

Automaton is built to be modular. Each of the above features is in the Automaton/modules/ directory as a file or folder. Should you decide a particular feature is not necessary for you, either toggle it off through the /auto menu, or if you wish you may simply delete the associated file in this folder. Note that at this time, all modules are enabled by default. Be sure to remove or turn off those you do not wish to use after you install.

If there are any comments, suggestions, or translations you would like to make available, please post them at the forum. Authors are welcome and encouraged to commit additional modules, translations, or optimizations -- All I ask is that you inform me of the change on the forum.

Known Issues

Due to the way the modules are implemented, neither standby nor debug modes work as you might expect.

Most of the time Automaton does not attempt in any way to ensure what you're asking it to do is in fact what you want it to do. Keep in mind I originally wrote this mod for only myself and a couple friends, there are a lot of use cases I had never considered due to that fact. I'm also a guild leader, an active raiding player and have a job, so I only work on mods when I get the time and inclination to. Usually while at said job.


Automatically switch tracked reputation to whatever you have just gained rep for.

Future Plans

The following features are in development or on the drawing board. Some may includes notes intended for myself.

Attempt to buy appropriate reagents/ammo/whatever automatically at vendor? probably not necessary, due to the existence of FreeRefills
Update to include declining guild charter signing
ClamDigger... or whatever. 
Someone asked if Automaton could open clams and such automatically when looted, sounds worth looking at if for no reason other than I could make the module a reference to ATHF. "And the object of the game... is to find parking." "No clamdigger." "THAT'S A HARD GAME"
Add a total for items sold through Sell, also add the ability to add specific items to ignore or sell
Automatically complain with emote spam when you're about to keel over dead and you desperately wish some healer nearby actually cared. At least when you die you can complain like they should have healed you, right?
Invite people that send you a magic keyword. An especially clever default might be "invite". This should probably only trigger on /^invite$/i. Additionally, can do the whole ctra/ora/other raid mod type invite thing that spams to the whole guild. Finally, it could also inform a person you are attempting to invite that they are grouped and you want to invite them, then suggest they send the magic keyword.
Separate guild from friends
I don't particularly like the way this module works, and would like to figure out a simpler way of addressing the issue.
I'd like to separate Quest hand-ins out to their own module, or at least allow it to be an option within gossip.