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Azuarc's Leveling Guide
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Miscellaneous Addons
Author dfscott
Version 1.41
OptionalDeps Ace2
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Azuarc's Leveling Guide is an in-game version of Azaurc's excellent leveling guides that are available at (see this link for prelude and table of contents).

If you're not familiar with Azuarc's guides, they provide a quest-based method of leveling Alliance characters (sorry, there's currently not a version for the Horde side) from level 12 to level 70 (note that Azuarc's guides are still under development and the version you have may not be complete).

A word of warning: while this add-on version contains all the essential information, it is edited for content and length. Graphics are not displayed, so maps and other visual information is missing. Also, links and other web-style artifacts are not available either. As a result, it is *highly* recommended that you read the web-based version first and then use this version as a reminder of where to go next.


  • Quick access to individual chapters via a drop-down menu
  • Forward/back and first/last access to scenes
  • Character-based memory of last chapter and page accessed
  • Editable guides (note that only currently displayed guide can be edited, and edits are lost when switching chapters)
  • Access bindable to a hotkey
  • Searchable pages
  • 10 different user-selectable fonts
  • Optional Minimap button access
  • Optionally runs as FuBar plugin


How do I install it? 
Just unzip to your interface\addons directory.
How do I run it? 
type /azuarc or /alg to bring up the notepad (note that access can also be bound to a hotkey via the standard WOW interface. You can also click the optional minimap button (Fubar supported at a limited level -- coming soon).
How do I use it? 
Click the "Select Chapter" button to choose the appropriate chapter for your level (note that it will remember the last page number and chapter accessed for each character, enabling you to level multiple characters at the same time without having to switch back and forth). Mouse over the other buttons for tooltips -- they're fairly self-explanatory.


(note that these have been updated since the beta)

The interface is weird - it looks like a word processor, not a book. 
You are probably viewing the stand-alone version. I originally chose this option for speed of development. However, if you are running Fubar, it will function as a fubar plugin, with the text displaying in the tooltip, which provides for a much cleaner appearance.
Are you Azuarc? 
No, I'm dfscott (aka Cailee on the Exodar server). The guides themselves are authored by Azuarc -- please don't bug him with questions about the addon.
Did you write the guides? 
No, I only wrote the addon -- please don't bug me with questions about the guide info. Go to the Allakhazam website and add your comments there. Azuarc is generally good about updating his guides and I'll try and get the new version incorporated into this addon.
Why does the stand-alone version look like TinyPad? 
Because it's based on it (see credits below). It was the easiest way to get something up and running quickly. I may end up changing it to something less "editable", but some people seemed to like the editing ability. If you have Fubar, you can try that version for a different look.
Why does the guide stop at level 66? 
That's as far as Azuarc has gotten. I will update the addon with Azuarc's updates as they come available. Note that squeaky wheels tend to get the most attention, so post feedback!
How much memory does this take? 
I'm not 100% sure. I'm not an expert at performance optimization. I feel it's probably not much, but if it turns out to be significant, I will change to a "load-on-demand" model. Any info in this area would be appreciated.
Why isn't this an Ace addon? 
I wanted to keep this as small as possible. Considering the simplicity of the mod, I didn't think it warranted all the overhead associated with Ace. However, if I find a decent Ace-based UI, I may go with it for ease of use.


All guide data provided courtesy of Azuarc. The stand-alone UI and data format is based on Gello's TinyPad, a lightweight notepad mod. Special thanks to Malcolm Chambers for creating the TinyPadEditor to make entering this data in *much* easier!

Azuarc's level guide is used by permission of both Azuarc and Allakhazam


Please post all errors and suggestions here ( and I will try and address them.