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A light, automatic spam blocker & reporter.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Chat/Communication Addons
Author Funkydude
Version 2.0.9
Credits Shadowed(API hunting), Ellipsis(remembering odd things), Anea(original SpamSentry blacklist)
Releases WoWI Curse
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

BadBoy - Having been quite happy to remove my spam addon after 2.1 I've been struggling to resist the urge to use one once again. I've slowly been getting annoyed with the increase in spam again, being a hater of only blocking spam and a heavy supporter of 'report the bastards' this addon will auto report as well as block.

BadBoy will actively scan your chat for possible spam, when found:

  • Block, all spam that is found from appearing
  • Report, the spamming player automatically

What sets this aside from other spam blockers?

BadBoy is made to be extremely light, it only uses 5kb of ingame memory, has no ingame options, and works automatically without asking the user.

But what if I want to know who I'm reporting?

Sure, open up the Lua file to line 6 and change

local AUTO_REPORT = true


local AUTO_REPORT = false

Now every time spam is blocked a popup will appear asking you to report the spammer.

Please post missed spam at

AFK in a city: