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Boss Talk
Plays famous Boss quotations.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Chat/Communication Addons
Authors Yvaine, Endeavour
Version 2.831
Embeds AceLibrary, AceOO-2.0, AceEvent-2.0, AceDB-2.0, AceLocale-2.2, AceConsole-2.0, AceComm-2.0, AceAddon-2.0, Dewdrop-2.0, FuBarPlugin-2.0, Babble-Boss-2.2, Babble-Zone-2.2
OptionalDeps Ace2, FuBar-3.0, FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

by Endeavour/Cydonia of EU Arthas.

This Addon quotes your favourite bosses!


- More than 400 boss quotes

- Random quotes

- Quotes via macros

- Quoting on events, e.g. you score a killing blow. (If you pick more than one quote for a specific event, a random quote will be played)

- List of your favourite quotes (unlimited)

- Quotes can be dispensed via /say, /yell, /guild, /raid or /party

- Other bosstalk users are also able to hear the quotes you play (Syncronization)

- Sorted list of boss quotes (Ordered by instance and bosses)

- Clearly arranged option menu: all options are explained via tool tip.


- Shortcut: Enter an ID. IDs are found in the Bosstalk menu in front of a quote. The IDs are entered without the #! A macro would look like this: /bosstalk shortcut 80 whereas 80 is the ID of the quote.

- Events: Define events, upon which Bosstalk plays quotes. For example, when your hitpoints are low or somebody requests you to duel. Events are entered in the same way as shortcuts.

- Bossquotes: A complete list of all quotes.

- Favourites: A list of your favourite boss quotes. In order to add a quote, shift+left-click a quote in the boss quote menu. Shift+left-click on a quote in the favourites menu to remove it from the list.

- Options: You can set your personal preferences here (also see "options")

- Credits: Shows a list of people who helped me with the addon.


- Receive Sync: Disable this option, if you don't want to hear the sound of other people's boss quotes.

- Play Sound: Disable this option, if you don't want to hear any sounds.

- Quote to Chat: Disable this option, if you don't want any kind of text output.

- Warnings: Disable this option, if you don't want any advice, which boss you or anybody else has just quoted.

- Yell/Say/Guild/Raid/Party: You can define in which way your texts will be output.

- Synclist: Shows a list of players in your guild or party/raid, who are also using Bosstalk.


Read the ingame tooltips, which should explain everything quite well!

Q: How can I create a macro?

A: Enter /macro, click "New", choose an icon and enter a name. Enter /bosstalk shortcut ID in the description field. Of course you should change "ID" to e.g. 80. Drag the new symbol into your action bars - done!

Q: How can I add a quote to my favourites?

A: Open the boss quotes menu and shift+left-click the quote of your choice. Now you can also find in under favourites!

Q: How can I remove a quote from my favourites list?

A: Open your favourites and shift+left-click the quote you want to remove.

Q: How can I add new quotes to an event?

A: Open the boss quotes menu an look up the ID of your quote (without #!). Then open the event menu, look for the event of your choice and enter the ID. If you enter several IDs under the same event, Bosstalk will randomly play one of the chosen quotes whenever this event occurs.

Q: How can I remove a quote from the event list?

A: shift+left-click on it.


Feel free to contact me via email,

or ingame

Endeavour, EU Arthas alliance

Cydonia, EU Arthas alliance