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Bulk mail sending made really easy
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Mail Addons
Author hyperactiveChipmunk
Version 2.3.1
Credits Kemayo, Kergoth, Bigzero, Tekkub, Mikk (icon)
Embeds Ace2, TabletLib, DewdropLib, GratuityLib, AbacusLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0, LibPeriodicTable-3.1
OptionalDeps FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

BulkMail2 is an AddOn to facilitate the mailing of multiple items to one or more recipients.


  • AutoSend
    • You can create rules for items to be queued for one-click sending to a given destination every time you're at a mailbox.
    • Set a default destination to be used if no destination is specified when sending items. (/bm defaultdest)
    • When you open the mailbox, the items from your bags that match the AutoSend rules you've set will be automatically added to a queue for sending and displayed in a GUI listbox. This action can be bypassed by designating the character as a "Sink". (/bm sink)
    • Clicking 'Send' with a blank To: field will send each item to the destination you set for it, plus any other items added to the queue to the default destination.
    • Typing a name in the To: field will filter all other destinations from the send queue; only items with AutoSend rules for the destination in the To: field and those which were added manually at the mailbox will be sent.

  • QuickSend
    • Hold Ctrl and Shift while clicking an inventory item at a mailbox to send it to its AutoSend destination (or the default, if none is set for that item).

  • GUI SendQueue
    • When at the mailbox, Alt-Click or drag an item into the GUI dropbox to manually add it to the Send Queue.
    • An unlimited number of items can be queued for sending.

What's New in Version Two!

Sample AutoSend rules.
  • Rules-based AutoSend
    • AutoSend no longer relies on specific character-item/ptset relations to determine where items will be automatically sent. There is now a simple rules-based system that allows for rules to include or exclude any combination of individual items, PeriodicTable-3.0 sets and subsets, and Blizzard's internal item type categories (such as you see in the Auction House).
    • As before, rules apply to all of your characters on the same realm and faction. A special character-specific "Global Exclude" rule set exists for specifying items you want to always keep, regardless of any other rules settings.
    • Characters can be designated as "Sinks." Such characters will not automatically fill their queues when the mailbox is open. This is handy for multiple AH/storage characters, and can be toggled on temporarily to effectively disable the auto-fill for a period of time. This does NOT, however, eliminate the ruleset entirely. You can still use QuickSend normally, and items manually added with a blank To: field will still obey your rule sets.
    • A graphical interface (right) has been added to facilitate the creation and editing of these rules.

  • FuBar Plugin
    • A FuBar plugin has been added for BulkMail2, allowing quick access to the new AutoSend Rules interface (left click) and the add-on's options (right-click).

  • BulkMail2Inbox
    • Although technically independent of BulkMail, this new add-on will help you manage all the items you've sent around with BulkMail by giving you a full table view of items in your inbox.
    • The table view can display all of your inbox items in a single frame, eliminating the need to click through multiple pages. It can also sort your mail by any of the header categories (e.g. Sender, Money, Quantity, or the default Time Left) or by the item contained within. It also supports any click operations as if you were interacting with the mail from the standard inbox.
    • In addition to the inbox view, BulkMailInbox provides modifier-click options to take, delete, and return mail.
    • Finally, BulkMailInbox provides buttons for taking all items and/or cash in your inbox with a single click

  • Various tweaks and improvements
    • Setting the CoD field before sending a list of items will apply it to ALL items in the batch send.
    • When a destination is not supplied explicitly in the To: field, the SendQueue frame will display where each item will be sent. This helps greatly if you have complex and/or overlapping rule sets by letting you see exactly how BulkMail will resolve them.


This list was auto-generated from the above ruleset; the user now needs only to hit the 'Send' button (either in this window or the default mail window) and all items will be dispatched to their proper destination.

/bulkmail or /bm

  • /bm autosend
    Commands to configure AutoSend options.
    • /bm autosend edit
      Shows the interface for editing your AutoSend rules. This is identical to left-clicking the FuBar/Minimap icon.
    • /bm autosend add DESTINATION ITEMLINK [ITEMLINK2, ...]
      Adds item rule(s) to AutoSend for the specified destination.
    • /bm autosend clear
      Clears the AutoSend rules entirely.
    • /bm autosend rmdest DESTINATION
      Removes all rules corresponding to a particular destination from AutoSend.
  • /bm defaultdest DESTINATION
    Sets the default destination for items.
  • /bm sink
    Designates this character as a Sink