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BulkMail Inbox
Bulk mail reception made really easy
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Mail Addons
Author hyperactiveChipmunk
Version 2.3
Embeds Ace2, TabletLib, DewdropLib, AbacusLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0
OptionalDeps FuBar, BulkMail2, Ace3
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

BulkMail2Inbox is an AddOn to facilitate the management of your inbox, specifically providing functions to aid in the handling of multiple items in ones inbox. It was designed as a complement to BulkMail2.


  • Inbox item table
    • BulkMailInbox can display a table all of your inbox items in a single frame, eliminating the need to click through multiple pages. It can also sort your mail by any of the header categories (e.g. Sender, Money, Quantity, or the game-default Time Left) or by the item contained within. It also supports any click operations as if you were interacting with the mail from the standard inbox.
  • Quick inbox hotkeys
    • BulkMailInbox provides optional modifier-click actions to take (shift-click), delete (alt-click, disabled by default), and return (ctrl-click) mail.
  • Mass receive options
    • Take cash: Pulls all the cash from all mails in your inbox. You can see the total amount of cash in your inbox displayed near the top of BulkMailInbox's item table frame.
    • Take all: Takes all items and cash from your inbox. If, over the course of this operation, you run out of bag space, BulkMailInbox will continue through the rest of the mailbox and still retrieve all of your cash.
    • Take selected: Items can be marked as 'selected' in the BulkMailInbox item table frame by left-clicking on them (without modifier). You can then use the Take Selected option to take only those items which you have marked.
    • NOTE: Due to the way WoW's mail system works, the order in which mail is processed in all of these functions is essentially undefined. Do not assume that if, for instance, you have three open bag slots and perform a Take All operation with more than three items in your inbox, that the first three will be taken. In fact, BulkMailInbox runs in a general pattern from the last item to the first, but even this is not guaranteed.


An inbox full of items, sorted by the sender. Several items returned by expired auctions are selected.

/bulkmailinbox or /bmi

  • /bmi altdel
    Enable alt-click on inbox items to delete them. (Default: off)
  • /bmi ctrlret
    Enable ctrl-click on inbox items to return them. (Default: on)
  • /bmi shifttake
    Enable shift-click on inbox items to take them. (Default: on)
  • /bmi takeall
    Show a Take All button in the Blizzard default mail frame. (Default: on)
  • /bmi gui
    Show the BulkMailInbox inbox item table view frame. (Default: on)