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Battleground timers and other goodies.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Battlegrounds/PvP Addons
Author TotalPackage
Version 2.4.011
Embeds DewdropLib, LibSharedMedia-3.0
OptionalDeps Ace2, LibStub
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Capping is just another battleground timer mod with some extras. Capping uses CandyBar for its statusbars. Capping only has timer bars and carrier frames to display info (no Titan, FuBar, huge center text, etc).


Capping's display in Arathi Basin with narrow map enabled. Note: That's Cartographer_GroupColors changing the Battlefield Minimap's POI icons.


Carrier display in Warson Gulch.

Current Features:

  • All battlegrounds/arenas have start timers
  • Arathi Basin:
    • Node timers
    • Final score estimation
  • Alterac Valley:
    • Node timers
    • Auto quest turnins
    • Request sync from others with Capping
  • Eye of the Storm:
    • Flag respawn timer
    • Flag carrier display
    • Final score estimation
  • WSG:
    • Flag respawn timer
    • Flag carrier display with health percent
  • Battleground minimap:
    • Auto-show when entering a battleground
    • Rescale
    • Narrow mode to remove unnecessary map areas and save space
    • Hide border
  • Other:
    • Port expiration timers
    • Queue wait timers
    • Scoreboard repositioning
    • Capture bar repositioning

How to use:

  • Show options - "/capping" or right-click on a timer bar/anchor
  • Toggle anchor - left-click on a timer bar or use options menu
  • Send time info to SAY - shift left-click on that timer bar
  • Send time info to BG - ctrl left-click on that timer bar
  • Hide timer bar (also leaves queue if related) - ctrl, shift, or alt right-click on that timer bar
  • Target carrier (in WSG or EotS) - left-click on the carrier's display
  • Send carrier info to BG - ctrl left-click on the carrier's display


  • Deadly Boss Mods - has boss-mods-like features in its battleground module (that can be disabled/deleted)
  • AlarBGHelper - lots of status displays and includes "help" functions
  • SSPVP2 - fully featured PvP mod with everything you want and more
  • FuBar_BattlegroundFu - battleground info that's FuBar based

Official discussion thread: WoWAce forums