Cartographer Icons

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Cartographer Icon customizer NOTE: You need to have icon packs installed for this addon to manage
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Map Addons
Author kagaro
Version 1.0
OptionalDeps Ace2, Cartographer_Notes
Betas Icons Ace SVN Zip
Changelog Icons FishEye

About Cartographer_Icons

Icons is a icon manager for Cartographer. IT uses the concepts of icon packs to override the default icons provided by other modules.

Configuration Options

As you get updates with new packs included you will see those pack names in your menu. Each pack provides some icons for you to override. As you toggle icons on and off, it will go through and ensure that only 1 override exists for a given icon so conflicts do not occur. It can take up to a second before the icons change.