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Remembers the locations of quest objectives.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Map Addons
Author Greg "OverloadUT" Laabs
Version 0.9b
Embeds Deformat, Quixote, SpecialEventsEmbed, DewdropLib, TabletLib, RosterLib, LibCrayon-3.0, LibBabble-Zone-3.0
OptionalDeps Ace2, Cartographer_Notes
Dependencies Cartographer
Releases WoWI Curse
Betas QuestObjectives Ace SVN Zip
Changelog QuestObjectives FishEye
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Cartographer module that creates notes to mark the locations where you complete quest objectives. It should not be confused with Cartographer_Quests, which creates notes for all of the quest givers. I suggest running both modules side by side!


  • Creates notes whenever a quest objective is "updated" which allows you to easily see where to go the next time you do the quest on a different character.
    • The notes have different icons depending on the type of objective: "Monster" objectives are clashing swords, "Item" objectives are loot bags, etc. Note that the icon doesn't always make sense as Blizzard sometimes classifies objectives as "Monster" even though they have nothing to do with killing anything.
    • Notes grow in size depending on how many of a particular objective you completed near a location based on how many total are needed. This helps when trying to pick a location to go to complete a quest: Bigger icons means it's probably a better location to go to.
    • Quest objective notes are only shown when they are relevant to you; they will only show if you are on the quest and have not completed the particular objective.
    • Your current objective progress is shown on the tooltips of the notes, and it's colored by completeness.
  • Party support! If anyone in your party is running any Ace2 mod that embeds Quixote (QuestFu and this mod are two examples) then any notes you have for quests they are on will be shown on the map, even if you have completed the quest already.
    • Also, if a party member gains progress on a quest objective, a note will be added at their current location. Some logic attempts to verify that they didn't get an update for an invalid reason, like someone trading them a quest item.
  • Ability to "ban" a quest from creating notes. There are some quests that can be completed anywhere and creating notes for them would just pointlessly clutter up the map. You can simply right click on any of the notes for the quest and choose "Delete all notes for this objective forever" and you will no longer see any notes for that objective.
  • Special note sharing features! You can "query" your guild or party for notes on the quests that you are on. If anyone in your guild has notes for any of your quests, they will be sent to you and added to your map.
    • You can also query your guild or party for a complete database dump. This will send over every note for every quest they've ever added to their map.
    • You can "ban" a particular player in the same way you can ban a quest from adding notes to your map. Simply right click on a note and choose "Delete all notes from this sender forever"
    • Note that currently there is no feedback for when you receive notes; they just appear on your map. This will be improved in future versions.
    • You can ONLY receive quest objective notes if you actually query the guild for them. People can never send you quest objective notes manually, so you don't have to worry about filling up your map with notes if you don't want to.


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