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Cartographer_Routes is a module for Cartographer (Rock version). It will allow you to draw lines (routes) along preselected gather-node configurations on a particular worldmap. The route will by default be shown on the minimap and battlemap as well.

NOTE: This add-on is considered deprecated; please use the [Routes] add-on instead.


  • Select nodes-types to build a line upon (Only Fishing/Mining/Herbalism nodes (Cartographer modules as well))
  • Auto extending a route with newly gathered nodes
  • Optimize your route using the traveling salesmen problem (TSP) ant colony optimization (ACO)
  • Background (nonblocking) and foreground (blocking) optimization
  • Select color/thickness/transparancy/visibility for each route
  • For any route created finding a new node will try to add that as optimal as possible

Using it in a nutshell

  • Install the addon
  • Open the worldmap and press the Cartographer button
  • Open the 'Routes' entry in the left tree and go to the 'Add' screen.
  • Enter your route name
  • Select the nodes you want on this route (if you see nothing make sure Cartographer_Herbalism, Cartographer_Fishing, Cartographer_Mining are loaded and have nodes in this zone)
  • Add the route. (This will jump the config screen directly to the route you created)

Now you can alter the color+alpha/width if you like.


  • Draw minimapshape on worldmap (support rotation)
  • Waypoint arrow (TBD)
  • Optimize on creation of route
  • Support Cartographer1 (TBD)
  • More localizations (feel free to help!)


  • Trell_ - first pre-alpha tester
  • vhaarr - suggestions for configuration
  • Stan - deDE translation
  • Gnarfoz - deDE translation