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Monitors for friendly deaths and announces them as in Myth: The Fallen Lords
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Author Carys of Terenas
Version 3.0
Embeds Ace3, LibSink-2.0, LibSharedMedia-3.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye


Back in The Day (tm) there was a fantastic little real-time-tactics game by Bungie called "Myth: The Fallen Lords"; aside from the great gameplay, story, and voice acting of the narrator, one salient feature stuck with me: whenever a friendly unit died, a horribly neutral voice would simply announce "Casualty." When things went absolutely into the bucket, you would, over the screams of dying units, clash of steel, and explosions, just hear this passionless chant: "Casualty. Casualties. Casualty..."

I decided I wanted that in WoW as well, and so I wrote the first (non-Ace) version of Casualty some time ago, using my own voice instead of the copyrighted sound samples. Much to my surprise, it gathered a tiny little following who didn't just want the voice announcement, but liked having the name of who died announced in chat, or SCT... or pet announcements, or announcements of objects like totems (a shaman uses it as a reminder; when he hears the announcement and sees "Casualty: Grace of Air totem", he knows it's time to reapply; a rogue friend knows that when it starts chanting "Casualty" announcements at him, it's probably time to vanish and survive to fight another day).

Casualty has been rewritten to use the Ace libraries and install as a FuBar plugin. Right now it outputs in chat and rather crudely uses the SCT addon if configured to do so; it will be changed to use SinkLib once the latter has cleared up a couple of minor issues I'm having. It can be set to announce for all friendlies, those in the current raid or party, pets, objects, and the like.


Numerous commands are used to configure from the command line, but the easiest way to use Casualty is just to type "/casualty config" and set items from there. A button in the configuration menu can be used to test your settings by announcing that Bob and Tim have died, or "/casualty test" will accomplish the same thing.