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Addons I use, most of which are on wowace, unless otherwise stated:


Afflicted: Enemy spell/cooldown/cc timers.

BadBoy: Extremely minimal spam blocker AND reporter. Automatically reports gold spammers.

Bartender4: Action Bar mod.

BasicBuffs: Basic addon to move the blizzard buffs.

BasicChatMods: Basic optionless chat modules.

BasicComboPoints: Numeric, colored combo points.

BasicMinimap: A basic Ace3 minimap addon.

BigWigs: Boss Mod I'm a coding with Ammo and Rabbit, includes timers, bars, proximity module, and other cool plugins. There is also many 3rd party addons like BigWigs_VashjFFA for automatic FFA loot on Vashj, see 3rd Party Modules.

ButtonFacade: Bartender Button skinning.

ButtonFacade_Caith: Caith's skin.

ClosetGnome: Gear set sorting (Wardrobe) mod.

Combuctor: Ace3 inventory mod allowing viewing of yours bags in sections like 'quest' and 'reagent'.

fdFrames: UI Panel art I made.

LightQueue: Quick 'light' addon i made as an alternative to the StinkyQueue addon, used for simultaneous AV joining.

Links: Allows you to view multiple item links on the screen, but you can still close them all with Esc.

LittleWigs: Plugin for BigWigs, provides timers for 5 man instances.

Mapster: Ace3 map addon, shrinks the map scale and gives coordinates.

MikScrollingBattleText: The scrolling battle text.

OmniCC: Cooldown count for everything, available at

oUF: Unit frames.

oUF_Funkeh: Unit frames layout.

Quartz: Casting bar with many many modules, including hot/dot bars, enemy castbar, latency bar & mirror bar.

SSPVP2: Battleground timers.

StatBlockCore: A core to make blocks of statistical information using modules. Modules are FPS, Latency, Ammo etc. and are named Broker_* and StatBlock_* (not to be mistaken withe the old version StatBlock(s)_* v1)

TickTock: Energy ticker.

Tinytip: A tiny minimalistic tooltip addon.




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