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Adds URL and chat-channel hyper-linking to the chat frames.
TOC 2.2 (20200)
Category Chat/Communication Addons
Author Nefarion
Version 1.0.4422
Releases WoWI
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

ChainLink is a simple addon which adds URL and chat-channel hyper-linking to the chat frames. Nothing more, nothing less.


  • Converts URL links to colored (and optionally bracketed) hyper-links which, when clicked, are be added to the chat-frame's edit box for easy copying.
  • Converts channel names ('[Guild]', '[2. Trade]', etc) to hyper-links which can be clicked to open the chat-frame's edit box to that channel, much like Blizzard's name links for whispers.


ChainLink's options can be accessed through the command /chainlink (alias: /clink or /cl). You can change the link coloring, toggle link bracketing and reset the settings through this.


  • This addon is distributed without warranty of any kind. Use it entirely at your own risk.
  • Feel free to commit any optimization or bug fix changes to the SVN or the WoWI page.