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Chinchilla 1.0
Minimap addon of awesomeness. *chewing sound*. It'll nibble your hay pellets.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Map Addons
Author ckknight
Embeds LibRock-1.0, LibRockDB-1.0, LibRockEvent-1.0, LibRockHook-1.0, LibRockTimer-1.0, LibRockModuleCore-1.0, LibRockConfig-1.0, LibRockLocale-1.0
OptionalDeps Blizzard_TimeManager
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye
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Chinchilla provides many options to customize the minimap and it's enviroment


Modules can be independently enabled or disabled.

  • Appearance: Change the opacity, size, shape and border (and more) of the minimap
  • AutoZoom: If the minimap is zoomed in, automatically zoom out after a specified time
  • Compass: Show compass points around the minimap
  • Coordinates: Show a customizable coordinates frame
  • Expander: Temporarily increase the size of the minimap on keypress
  • Location: Customize and move the location bar
  • MoveButtons: Move buttons around the minimap
  • Ping: Show who last pinged the minimap in a small frame and/or in the chatlog
  • Position: Move the minimap and frames attached to it (i.e. the Capture bar, quest tracker and quest timer)
  • RangeCircle: Show a customizable range circle around the player arrow
  • ShowHide: Show and hide individual minimap buttons as desired
  • TrackingDots: Icon packages changing the shape/colour of tracking dots for party/raid/quests etc
  • WheelZoom: Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the minimap


Right click on the minimap or type /Chinchilla or /Chin to access the options window.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Please add any bugs or feature requests to Jira


  • TrackingDots: Is it possible to add class colors/color specified people in raid/party with a different color for easy tracking?
    • No. Blizzard determines which blip icon to use for which categories of units, and the colors are hard-coded and cannot be adjusted per-unit by addons. (reply by HunterZ in Chinchilla's forum topic)
  • TrackingDots: How can I add my own Dots?
    • Once you've created your own textures, set them up as a seperate addon with a .toc and put the below code into a .lua file.
Chinchilla:AddTrackingDotStyle("My Dot", L["My Dot"], Interface\AddOns\MyDots\MyDot)


Forum Thread


Many of the borders and Blips (aka TrackingDots) are designed by Nandini