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An enhanced chat utility for raidgroups shared over different guilds.
TOC 2.1 (20100)
Category Chat/Communication Addons
Author Durash
Version 1.0.7
OptionalDeps Ace2, DewdropLib
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

CHT (enhanced CHatTool) is an addon for Raid groups scattered over multiple guilds.
Its main aim is to provide a communication platform like the guildchannel or the groupchannels like party&raid.


  • Multiple custom channels use only one real custom channel.
  • Allways know who you are talking to, even if your opposite chats with his/her twink.
  • Classchannels for raids.
  • Tank, DD and Healer channel for raids.

Chatlog Entry

The chatentry header consists of 4 different parts.

  • the channelname
  • your guildtag
  • your nametag
  • your charactername

Depending on your configuration it may differ from the following example.
[channelname][guildtag][nametag][charactername]: <chatmessage>

channelname: The channelname can only be one of these: Global, Tank, DD, Healer or a Classname.

guildtag: The guildtag is a automatically created shortform of your configured guildname and can be displayed.

nametag: The nametag identifies you to your conversational partner so that your partners know who they are talking to even if your are chatting with one of your twinks.
- [channelname][guild][Duri][Durash]: brb
relog on twink
- [channelname][guild][Duri][Twinkname]: re

charactername: The name of your current character.


    Main command /cht.
  • settag: Sets your nametag. If your nametag is one of your characternames then it will display 'Main' as long as you play with this character.
    - [channelname][guild][Main][Durash]: brb
    relog on twink
    - [channelname[guild][Durash][Twinkname]: re
  • setguild: Creates your guildtag. It will create the guildtag from the guildname of your current character.
  • setchannel: Sets the custom channel of this addon. It is recommended to change it from the default 'CHT' to a name suited for you. Everyone in your raidgroup must have the same channel.
  • setkind: Tank, DD or Healer are valid options for this menupoint. It unlocks one of these raidchannels for you.
  • autojoin: If 'on' you will join the cht channel on login.
  • channelcolors: Allows you to change the colors of the offered channels.
  • chatframe: Sets the chatframe ID.
  • who: Shows a list with all users in the channel.
  • guilds: Shows a list with all know guilds and its shortforms.
  • showguild: Shows or hides the guildtag.
  • showtag: Shows or hides the nametag.
  • raidchannels: Allows you to unlock other classchannels.
  • resetdb: Resets the saved DBs to default states.

Second command /chtmenu. It displays a dropdown menu at the position of the mousecursor.

Chat Commands

For guild officers only: the guild officeres channel has been changed to a permanent channel like the guild channel or the party channel.

/ctg: Channel Global. Everybody can read or write here.

    Following channels are only available during raid.
  • /cdr: Druid class channel.
  • /cma: Mage class channel.
  • /cpr: Priest class channel.
  • /chu: Hunter class channel.
  • /cpa: Paladin class channel.
  • /cro: Rogue class channel.
  • /csh: Shaman class channel.
  • /cwl: Warlock class channel.
  • /cwa: Warrior class channel.

    Following channels are only available during raid and Kind must be configured.
  • /cta: Tank channel.
  • /cdd: DD channel.
  • /che: Healer channel.