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ClosetGnome - TooltipX
Tell your gnome to add it's set names to the GameTooltip
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Inventory Addons
Author kunda
Version 1.0
Credits ClosetGnome_Tooltip by Ammo and Rabbit THANKS ;)
Dependencies ClosetGnome
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

ClosetGnome_TooltipX adds ClosetGnome set names to the GameTooltip.

Why ClosetGnome_TooltipX?

  • Because ClosetGnome_Tooltip simply sucks if you have an item that is in more than two sets.
  • Because Ammo (Author of ClosetGnome_Tooltip) did not want me to change his ClosetGnome_Tooltip code.
  • Because I like ClosetGnome and the possibility to look at an item tooltip to see in which set this item is in, but:
I have many different sets (~10 for a lvl 70 char), some items are in 6 sets some in just one set.
Look at the ClosetGnome_Tooltip-tooltip if an item is in 6 sets: with human readable set names it's just plain tooltip TeRRoR!

What are the differences between ClosetGnome_Tooltip and ClosetGnome_TooltipX?

  • ClosetGnome_TooltipX shows sets in alphabetic order.
  • ClosetGnome_TooltipX shows set count.
  • ClosetGnome_TooltipX has customizable tooltip color. (DEFAULT: white)
  • ClosetGnome_TooltipX can show your sets in a DoubleLine or a MultiLine (DEFAULT).

Here are some screenshots to show the differences between ClosetGnome_Tooltip and ClosetGnome_TooltipX:

ClosetGnome_TooltipX default
ClosetGnome_TooltipX Menu