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Control Freak
Focus-based CC aide
TOC 2.2 (20200)
Category Combat Addons
Author Tekkub Stoutwrithe
Version Beta
Optional tekDebug
Embedded Dongle, OptionHouse
Google Code
Issue Tracker

Control Freak is a small addon designed to aide crowd control. It takes advantage of the focus unit to provide the player with a one-click re-controlling solution.

How does this confangled thing work?

Control Freak is designed to be super simple. You are provided a small "block" in the center of your screen on first load. Drag and drop wherever you'd like it. This frame will show you the status of your focus.

So now where's the sheepy goodness? Lets give it a whirl.

  1. Find a mob you'd like to control. Target it.
  2. Click the frame, it will now say "Ready" if you can control this creature type, or "Invalid" if you cannot.
  3. Click again, you'll cast your control spell on the focus unit (even if it's no longer targeted!)
  4. The block will now tell you how long until the spell wears off... "Controlled (25s)", fade out and turn blue. This is good! Remember, this time is not absolute and it may break early! This is simply the maximum time for your spell
  5. When your spell is about to break (5 sec by default) the frame will fade back in to get your attention. Click it to recast (again without having to change your target!).
  6. Oh no, what's this? The warlock put a DoT on your mob... crap. The frame will change to a red "Damage". This is a warning to you that the mob has taken damage and you probably don't want to recast, as it will likely just break. Go kick that lock's ass.
  7. Okey, maybe it was just a stray arrow, the mob isn't taking any more damage. The frame now changes to an orange "Loose". This is telling you the mob is in combat, but not controlled. You might want to do something about that if the mob isn't being tanked (if they are, they'll likely be taking damage and the frame will be red...)
That's all great, but I focused the wrong thing...
Just shift-click the frame to clear your focus, target the correct mob, and click to set focus.

Nifty ain't it? But what happens when you get jumped by two mobs and don't have time to set focus? Never fear! Target the mob you want to control and click. Since you're in combat Control Freak will both cast and set the focus for you. Now you can target the other mob and still recast with one click.

But I don't like clicking!

Fine, whiner. Do what I do, make a simple macro and drop it on your actionbar:

/click ControlFreakFrame


To access the config panel, right click the frame out of combat, type /freak or press Esc > Option House > Control Freak > Options. Note than you can edit the click macro just like a normal macro. Hovwever, changing the macro will effect all other chars using the same profile (e.g. other chars of the same class unless you changed the profile).


So you've got the click-controlling down to a science, you kick (sheeped) ass. But maybe you have more than one control type (Warlocks I'm looking at you), or you have many different spells you'd like to /castrandom with? Well that's what profiles are for! On your first login Control Freak will load up it's default profiles, and pick the most common one for your class. Any time you want you can create a new profile and change it however you like.

To create a profile:

  1. Type /freak
  2. Click the "Profiles" option on the left
  3. You will be shown your current profile, a list of available profiles, load/copy/delete buttons and a create new option
  4. Select the profile you want and press load, or type in a new name and hit new. New profiles will always duplicate your current profile so you have a starting point
  5. Switch over to "Options" in the left menu and config away!

Note: Only the macro, debuff text and creature types are stored in the profile. The block settings (alpha, position, lock, etc) are stored on a per-char basis.

If you edit one of the default profiles and want to reset it, simply select it in the profile menu, click delete (it can't be the currently loaded profile). Control Freak will automatically reload any default profiles that are missing on every login or when they are deleted.