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Provides the lazy crafter a simpler means of selling crafts
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Tradeskill Addons
Author Krakhaan of Khaz'goroth
Version 1.2.7
OptionalDeps WIM
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

CraftBot will be your customers' best friend for in-game crafting information.

It provides other people an automated way to find out which crafting skills you currently have, and optionally which reagents are required for a particular recipe.

CraftBot is heavily modified from EnchantBot (

Author: Krakhaan of Khaz'goroth (Oceanic)

Contributors: Styler, Novatp, Thortok2000, Diela

Translators: Fyrgloth on Blackrock EU (DE), Brat from Ner'zhul (FR), Put your name here by helping with the translation.

Optional dependencies

For sanity, WIM is available for download at v2.4.9 or better required


  • Level filtering.
  • Multi-keyword searching.
  • Ignores specified professions across all characters.
  • Scans and store crafts whenever crafting (except Enchanting) windows are open.
  • Send reagent list to user, guild, party and others easily via slash command.
  • Automatic exclusion (ignore) of BOP craft items, reset and scan maybe required.
  • Disconnection prevention.
  • Dynamic event registration.
  • Titan Panel support.
  • FuBar support.
  • Minimap support.

Slash Commands

Command Description
/cb ( on | off ) Toggles CraftBot on or off.
/cb help Toggles help dialog.
/cb send <wim | target | clipboard | player name | channel name> <number | craft link | unique keyword> Sends first matching craft link and reagent list to destination. e.g. /cb send krakhaan mooncloth bag (abbreviation /cb s)
/cb sendl <wim | target | clipboard | player name | channel name> <number | craft link | unique keyword> Sends list of matching craft links to destination. e.g. /cb sendl krakhaan bag (abbreviation /cb sl)
/cb sendr <wim | target | clipboard | player name | channel name> <reagent link | name> Sends recipe that uses specified reagent to player. e.g. /cb sendr krakhaan bolt of mageweave (abbreviation /cb sr)
/cb who <craftlink | unique keyword> Print the name and realm of the toon that can make matching craft.
/cb scan Scans the current open tradeskill window.
/cb reset Clears crafting data for current character.
/cb resetall Clears crafting data for all characters.
/cb resetmsg Use default messages.
/cb option Toggles CraftBot options interface. (abbreviation /cb o)
/cb id <item link> Prints id of item link.
/cb link <item id> Prints link of item id.
/cb limit <number> Sets the maximum number of results returned for each search (defaults to 10). To remove limit, set limit to 0. (abbreviation /cb l)
/cb silent ( on | off ) Toggles if incoming queries and outgoing replies are shown. Defaults to on.
/cb refine ( on | off ) Toggles if reagents reagents are return (search and faction options apply). Defaults to off. (abbreviation /cb r)
/cb minimap (on | off ) Toggles display of minimap icon (abbreviation /cb mm)
/cb search ( player | realm | xrealm ) Toggles search mode where,
player, searches only current player data
realm, searches all characters data in the current realm (default)
xrealm, searches all
/cb faction ( on | off ) Toggles if search includes all factions or current faction, only applicable in realm/xrealm modes, where,
on, searches only characters of the same faction (default)
off, searches any characters of any faction
,where <channel name> is either SAY, YELL, GUILD, PARTY, RAID or OFFICER or abbreviations of either S, Y, G, P, R or O respectively, <wim> may be abbreviated as w and <clipboard> may be abbreviated as c, also note that clipboard will not have clickable links.

Whisper Commands

Command Description
!cbhelp Replies with welcome message and provides simple guidance to making a query.
!cbsearch ( category | item link | keyword | key phrase ) Replies with matching recipes and [x.y.z] indices.
!cbuse ( reagent name | reagent link ) Replies with matching recipes that use specified reagent and [x.y.z] indices.

Sample Conversation

  • [someone]: !cbhelp
  • [cb]: Welcome to cb's Tailoring/Blacksmithing shoppe!
  • [cb]: Whisper me "!cbsearch" followed by a part of the craft's name/desc/category (stew, felcloth, iron, consumable) to browse e.g. "!cbsearch felcloth"
  • [someone]: !cbsearch [Mooncloth]
  • [cb]: [1.2.3] [Tailoring: Mooncloth]
  • [cb]: Click links for reagents.
  • [someone]: !cbmats 1.2.3
  • [cb]: Reagents for [Tailoring: Mooncloth]:
  • [cb]: 2 x [Felcloth]
  • [someone]: !cbsearch bag
  • [cb]: [1.2.110] [Tailoring: Mooncloth Bag]
  • [cb]: [1.2.111] [Tailoring: Runecloth Bag]
  • [cb]: [1.2.112] [Tailoring: Mageweave Bag]
  • [cb]: Click links for reagents.
  • [someone]: !cbsearch epic
  • [cb]: [1.2.210] [Tailoring: Robe of the Void]
  • [someone]: !cbsearch bar, copper
  • [cb]: [1.3.23] [Blacksmithing: copper bar]
  • [cb]: Click links for reagents.
  • [someone]: !cbsearch L60+ dagger
  • [cb]: [1.4.200] [Blacksmithing: some awesome dagger]
  • [cb]: Click links for reagents.
  • [someone]: !cbsearch L15-19 dagger
  • [cb]: [1.4.2] [Blacksmithing: some awesome twinkish dagger]
  • [cb]: Click links for reagents.
  • [someone]: !cbsearch L19-
  • [cb]: [1.2.1] [Blacksmithing: some twinkish armor]
  • [cb]: [1.4.2] [Blacksmithing: some awesome twinkish dagger]
  • [cb]: Click links for reagents.
  • [someone]: WoW Amazing mod you have there!

Sample Usage

Command Description
/cb s t 16 nether bag Sends the mats of [Netherweave Bag] to the current target
/cb s w 16 nether bag Sends the mats of [Netherweave Bag] to the current active WIM dialogue user
/cb s g imbued bag Sends the mats of [Imbued Netherweave Bag] to your guild
/cb sl Diela L65+ cloak Sends a list of cloaks of level 65 or greater to the toon named Diela
/cb sr Styler [Primal Nether] Sends list of items that uses [Primal Nether] to the toon named Styler
/cb s c Primal Mooncloth Bag Sends the mats of [Primal Mooncloth Bag] to the clipboard

Version History


  • Updated TOC for 2.4
  • Added target shortcut
  • Fixed wim shortcut


  • Updated TOC for 2.2


  • Added french translation (courtesy of Brat from Ner'zhul)
  • Updated /cb s clipboard x will send full reagent list of x to clipboard instead of just unusable links
  • Removed cbmats and related localizations, /cb resetmsg is recommended
  • CraftBot and its FuBar plugin are now available/updatable from WoWACEUpdater (
  • Dropped support for WIM versions below 2.1
  • Fixed bug with message filtering
  • Updated whisper expiry interval from 120 to 60
  • Fixed long messages not being filtered
  • Updated more relevant sample in message is now taken from current character first tradeskill first non ignored/BOP craftable
  • Updated level filtering to auto fill in min level (0, which is no level requirement) or max level (70, which requires update when level cap is raised) when either top or bottom boundary is not specified
  • Updated to send recipeLink instead of full mat list when refine mode is off
  • Updated level filtering mechanics to reflect L12 means L12-
  • Updated in-game messages can now be longer than 255 characters
  • Updated whisper expiry interval from 60 to 120
  • Updated scans to reflect number of errors so that user can decide if to manual rescan
  • Updated minimap icon tooltip to reflect mod name and version


  • Fixed fallback on old style link bug in sendreagents/cbmats
  • Added clipboard (abbreviated as c) as destination


  • Updated to use old style link, if you have not reset and scan or if new style link is nil
  • Added who slash command
  • Added help dialog and slash command


  • Updated searches to accept new fangle recipeLinks
  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v17
  • Updated scan and list to use new fangled recipeLinks (reset and scan required!)


  • Updated ReadMe.txt
  • Updated TOC for WoW 2.1
  • Added preliminary WIM 2.1 plugin support
  • Added minimap icon and slash command
  • Added scan slash command
  • Added sendl slash command (courtesy of Diela)
  • Updated whisper command triggers, !cbanythingirregular will trigger help message
  • Added link slash command
  • Fixed erroneous status message on !cbuse in english localization
  • Fixed bug with whisper filtering
  • Fixed bug with not ignoring any profession


  • Added level filtering
  • Added id slash command
  • Updated whisper filtering
  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v16


  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v15
  • Updated whisper expiry interval from 5 to 60


  • Updated message filtering function
  • Updated default language when sending chat


  • Updated message hooking, chatframe should be silent even if WIM is loaded and set to not suppress


  • Updated message hooking, now supports WIM versions 1.5 and 2.0.9
  • Updated multi-keyword searching to include space as delimiter
  • Added improved memory usage for stored reagents
  • Fixed resetall bug
  • Updated CraftBot_GetItemID to return numeric value instead of string
  • Added search request type to status printouts
  • Updated options ui for localization
  • Fixed radio buttons to actually work like radio buttons
  • Added if EnchantBot is also loaded, status printouts will be prefixed with coloured "CraftBot: " to avoid confusion
  • Updated icons for FuBar plugin
  • Updated split function
  • Added ChatThrottleLib to prevent disconnections
  • Added automatic ignore of BOP craft items
  • Updated shorter status printous
  • Updated German localization
  • Added status printouts for !cbhelp whisper command


  • Updated whisper commands
  • Added localized whisper commands (please remember to reset and update your messages with /cb resetmsg)
  • Added refine reagents mode and slash command, where if an reagent is makeable by your characters (search and faction options apply), the reagent's reagents are returned
  • Fixed duplicate filtering
  • Fixed bug with searching item with min/max qty
  • Updated send slash command to accept comma delimited multi-keyword
  • Added suppression of incoming whispers starting with whisper commands
  • Fixed bug with cbuse printing too many message instead of sending
  • Added option to ignore user specified professions
  • Added guild, say, yell, party, raid, officer channels as /cb send and /cb sendr destination e.g. /cb send guild imbued, bag
  • Updated search to include craftLink as Link and Name can be different
  • Updated icons for Titan Panel and FuBar plugins


  • Updated now uses first craft item of first scanned tradeskill as sample
  • Fixed bug which records UNKNOWN tradeskill (for ATSW users)
  • Fixed bug when resetall
  • Added WIM support for /cb send and /cb sendr slash commands, if sending to active WIM dialog player, use "wim" e.g. /cb send wim mooncloth
  • Added in-game customizable messages in options frame, no more lua editing for thortok2000
  • Added tooltips for messages and limit in options frame
  • Minor code optimizations
  • Added scanning is only enabled after event, "PLAYER_LOGIN", to mimimize freezing wow probability
  • Updated cbreagents whisper command to print craft link if found instead of x.y.z index
  • Added comma delimited multi-keyword AND logic cbsearch whisper command (Styler)
  • Added tooltip scanning for jewelcrafting items (Styler)
  • Added FuBar and Titan Panel support
  • Updated search mechanics to allow multi-keyword searching to span craft name and description
  • Updated whisper mechanics, nothing can preceed whisper commands except whitespaces
  • Added duplicate filtering for search results
  • Updated German localization


  • Added German localization
  • Updated welcome message example to use name of item you can make instead of felcloth
  • Added suppression of replies and slash command
  • Added 'cbuse' whisper command providing same functionality as /cb sendr
  • Updated options interface
  • Minor code optimizations
  • Fix bug where welcome message was omitted
  • Updated welcome message to include professions' names
  • Added localization independant code for searching (Styler)


  • Minor code optimizations
  • Updated code, search and faction options now affects all searches i.e. /cb send, /cb sendr, cbsearch, cbreagents
  • Added options interface and slash command
  • Updated readme.txt
  • Updated localization.lua
  • Fixed bug where craft items' description were not captured


  • Added configurable maximum number of results
  • Added reset of data
  • Added sending of recipe that uses a specific reagent
  • Added handling of weapon and armor item links in ebsearch queries e.g. cbsearch [Mooncloth Bag]


  • Added faction and category information filtering
  • Fixed bug for not scanning when it should
  • Minor code optimizations


  • Removed status text during scans
  • Added search modes: player, realm, xrealm
  • Changed custom trim function to lua function
  • Minor code optimizations


  • Added code to prevent multiple concurrent scans within CraftBot


  • Added /cb send command that was erronously omitted
  • Minor code revisions
  • Fixed misc bugs
  • Added trimming of whitespaces on queries, fix for 'cbsearch ' queries


  • Initial Release