Cryolysis 2

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Cryolysis 2 -Ace3-
A sphere based spell and buff management tool for mages. (BETA, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!)
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Mage Addons
Authors Paene, Belazor
Version 2.0 Beta
Credits Darklyte, Myrridin, Lomig, Philemon, Gendou, Fish, jharvey74
Embeds Ace3
Releases Curse
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Cryolysis 2 is a complete re-code of the original Cryolysis developed by Lomig. It is a sphere and buff management mod for mages.


  • Customizable Main Sphere
  • Food and Water Buttons
  • Mana Gem Button
  • Mount/Hearthstone Button
  • Buff Menu
  • Teleport and Portal Menu
  • 3 Completely Customizable Spell Buttons

Button Functionality

  • Main Sphere: Right-click the main sphere to bring up a menu of options for the mod. Almost every part of the mod can be customized from this menu. You can adjust button settings, the main sphere's display, what the main sphere does when you click it, and much more!
  • Food and Water Buttons: Right-click to conjure your highest rank of food/water, left-click to use the highest food/water you have on hand, and middle-click to trade the highest rank of water you have on hand.
  • Mana Gem Button: Right-click to conjure the highest mana gem available and left-click to use the highest mana gem you have conjured.
  • Mount/Hearthstone Button: Right-click to use your ground mount, left-click to use your flying mount, and middle-click to hearth.
  • Buff Menu: Clicking this button will open a menu with buttons for all of the mage's buffs in it. Check the tooltips for information on which mouse button does which buff.
  • Teleport and Portal Menu: Clicking this button will open a menu of 5 buttons. Each button has a location associated with it. Left-clicking will cast teleport and right-clicking will cast portal.
  • Customizable Spell Buttons: These buttons are completely customizable for all clicks. The texture for the button is dependent on the left-click spell. Which spell is cast can be changed through the menu that is opened by right-clicking the main sphere.

Planned Features

  • Tooltips for all buttons
  • Cooldown and Debuff Timers
  • Fun spellcast messages for Polymorph, Teleports, and Portals