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Daily Quest Viewer
A module that lets you find out what today's dailies are without having to visit the quest givers.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Quest Addons
Author Chingerayl of Zul'Jin
Version 0.2c
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

DailyQuestViewer is an addon which communicates in the background what the current day's random dailies are so the player no longer has to run to the quest givers themselves to find out. This addon is still under development and you should not install it unless you plan on updating often.




You can display the Daily Quest Viewer frame by clicking the blue exclamation point icon that is on your minimap, or by typing the following into your chat box:

/dqv show

A window will pop up displaying all the current dailies that have been discovered.

Your addon doesn't work! It says all the dailies are unknown!

Unfortunately the ony way to tell what the dailies are are to rely on other players to get the data for us. With that said, the dailies will only be known once someone with the mod goes to the quest givers and sees the quest. Once one person does this, the addon is designed to propagate the data such that as long as one person with the addon and knowledge of the dailies stays online, they will tell the other people with the addon what the dailies are.

So if you see all the dailies as "unknown", do the other people on the server a service and run to Shattrath City and find out what they are manually.

Learning the Quests

A quest is considered to be "discovered" when one of the following occurs:

  • You talk to the quest giver and see the quest description, or the quest in a list of quests to take.
  • Someone else talks to the quest giver and sees the quest description and their DailyQuestViewer communicates this to you.
  • You click the "refresh" button, which sends a request to other players with DailyQuestViewer to send you today's dailies.

You will communicate the quest to others if:

  • You discover the quest by talking to the quest giver.
  • Someone sends a request by clicking the "refresh" button.

We've Gone Global!

Daily Quest Viewer currently supports the following localizations:

  • English / US (enUS)
  • Chinese - China (zhCN, credit to Wang)
  • Chinese - Taiwan (zhTW, credit to Wang)
  • Korean (koKR, credit to 7Destiny)

To-Do List

  • Clear everyone's quest records when the daily quests reset. Note that once this is implemented backwards compatibility between this version and previous versions will be broken.
  • Localization for other languages
  • Revamp interface into something not completely ugly and would support more than 5 dailies.
  • Add retention between user sessions (so the dailies aren't cleared when the player resets their UI).