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Automatic removal of Blessing of Salvation.
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Tank Addons
Author Snago
Version 2.0
Embeds Ace3
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Damnation will automaticly remove Blessing of Salvation and Greater Blessing of Salvation if you're a warrior in defensive stance, a druid in bear form or a paladin with Righteous Fury active. For any other class it's disabled by default but can be enabled to always remove BoS if you for some reason would want that.

Slash Commands

  • /damn on - Always remove Blessing of Salvation.
  • /damn auto - Automatic. (Only available to druids, paladins and warriors.)
  • /damn off - Never remove Blessing of Salvation.


  • Auto-mode will remove Blessing of Salvation for:
    • Warriors: When they are in or enters Defensive Stance.
    • Druids: When they are in or enters Bear Form.
    • Paladins: When they have or gain Rightous Fury.

Planned Features

If any of this is interesting to you contacting me about it will probably speed up development ;)

  • Add option to popup a confirmation box before actually removing Salvation.
  • Auto-mode for Mages when they spellsteal Fire Ward from Krosh Firehand.
  • Some kind of Auto-mode for Warlocks tanking the demon phase of Leotheras the Blind.

Suggestion: Assume warlock is tanking if they cast searing pain (high threat) -Javek

  • Automatic removal of Blessing of Protection for tanks tanking. (To be able to remove nasty debuffs without loosing aggro for too long. For example removing big stacks of Chaos Blast from the warlock tanking the demon phase of Leotheras the Blind.)