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Note + rep tracking for players, with guild data sharing.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author Shot
Version 1.0
Embeds Ace3
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

DoIKnowYou is an addon which keeps track of your opinions about other players. It stores notes, which can be used for useful comments such as "This mage doesn't know how to sheep properly", "This hunter will break CC", "Arms, won't tank". The addon shares data using the guild data channel, allowing for you to see the comments and opinions of guild members.

DoIKnowYou Screenshot Main.jpg DoIKnowYou Screenshot LFM.jpg

DoIKnowYou Screenshot Friends.jpgDoIKnowYou Screenshot Ignore.jpg

DoIKnowYou can also add information to your tooltip, so you don't need to use the interface at all - just let your guildies do all the work! (Note: The total reputation in the tooltip is a shared total, but you may only see your own note)

DoIKnowYou Screenshot Tooltip.jpg

DoIKnowYou also adds tags to LibDogTag-3.0, so you can integrate it into unitframes/custom tooltips as shown in the above screenshot.


To open the dialog window, simply type /doiknowyou or /diky into your chat box.

If you have no target selected, the frame will display the last query, or blank. Simply type a name into the top text entry box and hit enter to query!

If you currently have a target selected, the frame will automatically query your target and display that information.

You may also specify a player to query with the slash command, for example "/diky Shot" will open the frame and query the player "Shot"

To-do list

  • Data summary
    • General overview for all data/ specific players, etc.
  • Blacklist/whitelist
    • Deny rep.comments from characters
    • Add friends to whitelist and sync data with them without the player being a guild member!
  • Account comments, not character Done!
    • Allow sending of other character's data, without worrying about duplicates.
  • Auto-query in situations Done!
    • Situations such as - joining a group (query all party members automatically)
    • This would then lead to data summary of current group members
  • More options for controlling tooltip additions Done!
    • Independent controls for showing rep, notes, and colouring. (note, this is all avilable via dogtags currently)


  • Multi-guild support (cf. Guild2Guild)