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Allows frames to be docked.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Author Kameril
Embeds Ace3, LibSharedMedia-2.0
OptionalDeps LibStub
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

So what is Dock?

Dock is an addon that, as the name suggest, allows you to shrink and dock other frames into it. On mouseover frames can be zoomed in letting you take a good look at their contents.


  • Virtually infinite amount of docks, or just one if you'd like
  • Practically any frame can be docked by just dragging and dropping
  • Highly customizable: colors, animations, orientations and more
  • Tabbing feature that lets docks be collapsed even further
  • Load on demand configuration, no reason to waste that memory

You can view a video of Dock here.

You can view a video of Dock's tabbing features here.

The current official thread is here.


Can I dock X frame?
Almost any movable frame is dockable, with the exception of unit frames, action bars and other protected frames such as the macro editor or spell book. Protected frames are secured in combat so that you'll be able to cast spells, use macros, target players/monsters or other functions; if docked these frames wouldn't be able to provide any of these functions.
When I resized my Dock my frames undocked! What gives?
After resizing a dock any frames that can no longer fit will automatically be undocked. Make sure there's enough room in the dock for the frames you want in it.
When I change the dock orientation all my frames undock! How does this work?
When a dock is orientated vertically you'll be able to dock frames like:
Dock VerticalOrientation.jpg
Notice how the dock should be sized so it's tall and not too wide. Otherwise your frames will have trouble fitting in.
Horizontal orientation should look like this:
Dock HorizontalOrientation.jpg
Notice how the dock should be wide and not too tall. Very wide frames will have trouble fitting into horizontal docks because they take up nearly the entire dock.
Dock says that the frame is too large to fit into the dock, but it looks small enough to me. What gives?
It's important to understand how Dock tries to fit the frame into the dock. Dock always tries to make the frame as large as possible while staying inside the edges of the dock (using the frame spacing option around the edges of the dock).
Take this minimap as an example:
Dock Minimap.jpg
If we have a thin dock then the minimap easily fits into it with plenty of room left over for other frames:
Dock MinimapThin.jpg
However if we have a wide dock then the minimap barely fits in, and there's no room for other frames:
Dock MinimapWide.jpg
When I use the send to dock keybind I get the message that the WorldFrame can't be docked, but I'm mousing over a different frame!
Frames need to have a flag set before the mouse can interact with them. Many authors disable the mouse when a frame is locked into place, and some default frames such as the chat frames don't detect the mouse but instead offer you tabs to move them around. In this case you'll have to use the keybind on the tabs, or simply drag them into the dock manually.
Some frames won't stay docked after I relog or reload my UI! What's wrong?
Authors can create frames without names, these anonymous frames give Dock no way of saving information about them between sessions. The only fix is for the author to name their frames. You can see if a frame has a name by mousing over it and typing '/print GetMouseFocus():GetName()' if the result is nil then the frame is anonymous.