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Provides the lazy enchanter a simpler means of selling enchants for gold
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Tradeskill Addons
Author Krakhaan of Khaz'goroth
Version 2.9.21
OptionalDeps Autioneer, Enchantrix, AB, WIM
Website wowace.com
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

EnchantBot will be your customers' best friend for in-game enchanting information. It provides other people an automated way to find out which enchants you currently have, what those enchants do, and optionally which reagents are required for a particular recipe.

This is an update of EnchantBot by Adys, which is an update of EnchantBot by Revenger (http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php?addid=2122).

Not a enchanter? Fret not, get CraftBot (http://files.wowace.com/CraftBot/).

Author: Krakhaan of Khaz'goroth (Oceanic)

Contributors: Styler, Novatp, Thortok2000, Diela

Translators: stephenfoxx from ui.worldofwar.net (DE), Put your name here by helping with the translation.

Optional dependencies


  • Multi-keyword searching.
  • Tri Mode, Sell, Tips or Custom.
  • Scans and store enchants when there are new enchants.
  • Sell mode includes enchant prices (Enchantrix required). If you do not have Enchantrix, selling price will be stated as "ASK".
  • Sell mode requires Enchanting window to remain open.
  • Sell mode does not list or advertise enchants which you do not have reagents for.
  • Automatically compose and send advertisement message (Advance Broadcaster required).
  • Send enchants to user, guild, party and others easily via slash command.
  • Custom mode displays custom message after welcome message.
  • Ignores enchants by slash command and button in Enchanting window (not advertised and will not be returned as results).
  • Disconnection prevention (courtesy of ChatThrottleLib).
  • Dynamic event registration.
  • Titan Panel support.
  • FuBar support.
  • Minimap support.

Slash Commands

Command Description
/eb ( on | off ) Toggles EnchantBot on or off. If Advance Broadcaster is loaded, Advance Broadcaster will be configured.
/eb help Toggles EnchantBot help.
/eb scan Open Enchanting windows and forces scanning of enchants.
/eb ab ( on | off ) Toggles Advance Broadcaster support.
/eb option Toggles EnchantBot options interface. (abbreviation /eb o)
/eb mode ( sell | tips | custom ) Toggle EnchantBot mode. (abbreviation /eb m)
/eb reset Clears data.
/eb resetmsg Use default messages.
/eb send <wim | player name | channel name> <number | enchant link | unique keyword> Sends enchant link and reagent list to user. (abbreviation /eb s)
/eb sendl <wim | player name | channel name> <enchant link | unique keyword> Sends list of matching enchant links to player. e.g. /eb sendl krakhaan chest (abbreviation /eb sl)
/eb sendf <wim | player name | channel name> <reagent link | name> Sends formulae that uses specified reagent to user. (abbreviation /eb sf)
/eb msg <your custom message> Sets message to send to user after the standard welcome message.
/eb minimap (on | off ) Toggles display of minimap icon (abbreviation /eb mm)
/eb limit <number> Sets the maximum number of results returned for each search (defaults to 10). To remove limit, set limit to 0. (abbreviation /eb l)
/eb silent ( on | off ) Toggles if incoming queries and outgoing replies are shown.
/eb id <enchant link> Prints id of enchant link.
/eb price <enchant link | unique keyword> Prints price and cost statistics of enchant. (abbreviation /eb p)
/eb minrank ( optimal | medium | easy | trivial ) Set the minimum rank of enchants returned (defaults to trivial, abbreviation /eb mr).
/eb ignore ( add | remove ) <enchant link> Add or remove ignored enchant (abbreviation /eb i).
/eb ignore list Prints all ignored enchants.
, where <channel name> is either SAY, YELL, GUILD, PARTY, RAID or OFFICER or abbreviations of either S, Y, G, P, R or O (case insensitive), and <wim> may be abbreviated as w (case insensitive) and <target> may be abbreviated as t.

Whisper Commands

Command Description
!ebhelp Replies with welcome message and provides simple guidance to making a query.
!ebsearch ( item link | keyword(s) | key phrase(s) ) Replies with matching recipes and [x] index.
!ebuse ( item link | keywords(2) ) Replies with formulae that use specified reagent

Sample Usage

Command Description
/eb s t fiery Sends the mats of [Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon] to the current target.
/eb s w fiery Sends the mats of [Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon] to the current active WIM dialogue user.
/eb s p 25 agi weapon Sends the mats of [Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility] to your party.
/eb sf Thortok2000 [Void Crystal] Sends formulae that uses [Void Crystal] to the toon named Thortok2000.
/eb p mongoose Prints mats and costs and suggested selling price of enchant.

Version History


  • Fixed bug with WIM shortcut
  • Update: WIM plugin filter bug not fixed


  • Fixed bug with WIM plugin


  • Updated TOC for 2.4
  • Fixed bug with WIM shortcut
  • Added TARGET shortcut
  • Moved to WoWACE SVN


  • Updated EB no longer sends full reagent list, just the link, relevant whisper commands are also removed.
  • Dropped support for WIM versions below 2.1
  • Fixed bug with message filtering


  • Added price slash command to retrieve and view costs and price.
  • Added eternium rod enchant
  • Added mongoose glow effect


  • Updated to use old style link, if you have not reset and scan or if new style link is nil
  • Added help dialog and slash command


  • Updated whisper detection to prevent crossing spamming if both users are using WIM and EnchantBot
  • Added button to enchanting frame to toggle ignore and printing of ignored enchants
  • Removed shift click of enchants to ignore
  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v17
  • Updated to use new fangled recipeLinks (reset and scan required!)


  • Fixed bug with WIM 2.1 plugin
  • Updated ReadMe.txt
  • Updated TOC for WoW 2.1
  • Fixed bug with !ebmats and non numeric keyword
  • Added preliminary WIM 2.1 plugin support
  • Added minimap icon and slash command
  • Added scan slash command
  • Added sendl slash command (courtesy of Diela)
  • Added fix for Enchantrix's broken GetReagentHSP (auctioneer v4 needed!)
  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v16
  • Updated whisper filtering
  • Updated scanning code
  • Updated whisper command triggers, !ebanythingirregular will trigger help messages


  • Fixed disconnections due to colored money in sell mode


  • Updated ChatThrottleLib to v15
  • Updated whisper expiry interval from 5 to 60 seconds
  • Fixed shift click ignore spam bug


  • Updated message filtering function
  • Updated default language when sending chat


  • Updated message hooking, chatframe should be silent even if WIM is loaded and set to not suppress


  • Fixed forgetting of ignored enchants when scanning is forced or when new enchant is learnt
  • Updated message hooking, now supports WIM versions 1.5 and 2.0.9
  • Updated improved AB support and detection
  • Updated multi-keyword searching to include space as delimiter
  • Added Shift-click a enchant in the enchanting frame toggles ignore
  • Added improved memory usage for stored enchants' reagents
  • Added ebuse whisper command, equivalent of slash command sendf
  • Added WIM as optional dependency in TOC
  • Added customizable message in options
  • Added reset and resetmsg slash commands
  • Updated options ui for localization
  • Added search request type to status printouts
  • Fixed radio buttons to actually work like radio buttons
  • Added if CraftBot is also loaded, status printouts will be prefixed with coloured "EnchantBot: " to avoid confusion
  • Updated icons for FuBar plugin
  • Updated split function
  • Added guide.txt
  • Updated shortened status printout
  • Updated enchanting window detection using API
  • Added ChatThrottleLib to prevent disconnections
  • Fixed shift click ignore bug
  • Fixed price bug due to enchantrix's broken support for Auctioneer 4
  • Added german localization
  • Updated guide.txt
  • Added status printouts for !ebhelp whisper command


  • Updated ebsearch whisper command to support multiple comma delimited keywords, AND logic
  • Removed ring item link support as ring enchants soulbounds
  • Updated whisper mechanics, nothing can preceed whisper commands except whitespaces
  • Added localized whisper commands (if you use ab, please remember to force scan to update ab message)
  • Fixed bug with Rune Rod Enchants detection when composing AB message
  • Updated send slash command to accept comma delimited multi-keyword
  • Added suppression of incoming whispers starting with whisper commands
  • Fixed bug with substitution string for bracer item links
  • Updated rod detection at scan instead of at searching
  • Added guild, say, yell, party, raid, officer channels as /eb send and /eb sendf destination e.g. /eb send guild fiery
  • Added options interface and slash command /eb option
  • Added extra checking for AB_Insert and AB_Toggle functions
  • Added ignoring of user specified enchants
  • Added slash commands for ignore user specified enchants
  • Updated icons for Titan Panel and FuBar plugins


  • Added support for ring item links
  • Added runed rods now not returned as results or in advertisement
  • Added searching of glows e.g. ebsearch white glow returns crusader and icy chill, ebsearch glow returns all glowing enchants
  • Added closure of enchanting windows if scanning was forced
  • Added WIM support for /eb send and /eb sendf slash commands, if sending to active WIM dialog player, use "wim" e.g. /eb send wim fiery
  • Added /eb id slash command to get enchant id from enchant links
  • Updated FuBar plugin with more functionality
  • Added minimum rank of enchants returned
  • Added scanning is only enabled after event, "PLAYER_LOGIN", to mimimize freezing wow probability


  • Fixed bug with item link detection
  • Added suppression of replies and slash command


  • Added configurable maximum number of results
  • Added handling of weapon and armor item links in ebsearch queries e.g. ebsearch [Sword Of A Thousand Truths]
  • Added handling of enchant links in ebsearch queries e.g. ebsearch [Enchant Weapon - Crusader]
  • Added sending of enchants that uses a specific reagent


  • Fixed bug with removing punctuations from queries
  • Minor code changes
  • Fixed bug with sell mode prices
  • Fixed bug with not remembering AB setting


  • Added trimming of whitespaces on queries, fix for 'ebsearch ' queries
  • Changed custom trim function to lua function
  • Minor code optimizations
  • Fixed status text during sell mode if you don't have mats for any enchants


  • Fixed sell mode format money bug


  • Changed advertising support to use Advance Broadcaster
  • Updated Titan and FuBar plugins


  • Added custom mode and message


  • Fixed Titan plugin's TOC


  • Fixed minor bug with button text


  • Added Titan Panel and FuBar support
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Added linked player names
  • Updated localization file
  • Minor code revisions
  • Updated readme.txt for slash commands
  • Updated price lookup code to use cached reagent data
  • Updated sell mode, does not send reagent lookup message at end of results
  • Updated advertising code to exclude enchants for which reagents are unavailable


  • Uses trade channel for AutoMessage
  • Festive greetings


  • Changed slash command (shorter) for sending reagent list to user. /eb send <user> <number | enchant link | unique keyword>


  • Scans only on CRAFT_UPDATE
  • Changed slash command (shorter) for sending reagent list to user. /eb send <number> <user>


  • Scans and stores enchants
  • Slash command for sending reagent list to user. /eb reagents <number> <user>
  • Slash command for forced scanning of enchants. Needs Enchanting frame to be opened. /eb scan


  • Automessage Support. Slash commands /eb am (on | off), /eb am set
  • Enchantrix Support. Only applicable in Sell mode
  • 2 bot modes: Sell, Tips


  • Fixed some grammar and general help improvement
  • Improved request notification


  • Fixed a bug making EnchantBot whispering in Common from Horde chars
  • Cleaned some code, fixed minor bugs
  • Keywords changed to "ebhelp", "ebsearch" and "ebreagents"
  • Added a request notification (for further use)

2.0 First release. Changes from the original version:

  • Enchant Names and Descriptions replaced by the corresponding Enchant Link
  • Fixed a bug where the Reagents wouldn't all fit in the whisper (Enchant Weapon - Agility] and some others).