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Quest History tracker and shows lists of quests in each category
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Quest Addons
Author kandarz
Version $Revision$
Credits Wowhead for the Quest data, bayi for Quest history display
Embeds Ace2, Deformat, Quixote
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

EveryQuest provides a list of quests in each zone available to your faction. In addition it keeps track of all the quests that have come and gone in your quest log even if they aren't in one of the zone lists. Currently the zone lists only provide quests for Outland and Outland dungones/raids though the quest history will still log any quest you've seen in game.


Here is what the window looks like: Everyquest tooltip.gif


  • Keybinding: Bind a key to open the EveryQuest window
  • Clicking the EQ button next to the Quest log icon in the quest log frame will open EveryQuest
  • Clicking a quest title will:
  • * Open the quest log window and position it next to the EveryQuest window
  • * Open Lightheaded window and update Lightheaded to show the quest you clicked, even if you've completed it.
  • * But only if LightHeaded is loaded, otherwise clicking it will do nothing
  • Right clicking a quest title will open a menu to manually change the status of a quest (useful if you just started using it and want to make the quests you know you have completed say 'Completed'
  • Show Zone Quests/Show Quest History: Toggles between a list of all quests in your history or just a list of the quests in the selected zone.

Additional Addons

This addon consists of 5 Folders. The main folder EveryQuest, then the data Load on demand folders, if you only play one faction, you only need your two folders.

In addition you should look into using Beql and LightHeaded


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