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Feithar's Bag of Holding
Inventory and bank organizer.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Inventory Addons
Author Feithar
Version 0.9
Credits Inspired by Antiarc's SanityBags. Code for LibTipHooker and LibFuBarPlugin-Mod borrowed from Whitetooth's RatingBuster and Antiarc's Omen, respectively. Translations: zhltr (German)
Embeds Ace2, DewdropLib, Ace3, LibCrayon-3.0
OptionalDeps FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Feithar's Bag of Holding (FBoH) is a customizable inventory addon that can display items in multiple custom, dockable views. Items from the current character's bank and inventory are displayed, and views may be customized to show items belonging to alts.


  • Multiple, dockable view that can each be individually customized to display a specific set of items.
  • Sorting can be customized for each view.
  • Easy to access search feature in each view.
  • View and search for items in your bank, guild bank, and on alts, even when you're not at the bank.
  • Item tooltips will include a count of how many of that item you have on each of your characters.
  • Mousing over the minimap button (or FuBar button for FuBar users) displays the number of used and total number of inventory and bank slots.
  • Drop down menu from the minimap/FuBar button allows easy access to views.
  • For FuBar users, displays the number of used and total number of unrestricted bag slots (unrestricted slots are those that any item may be placed - a quiver would be an example of a bag with restricted slots).
  • Intuitive, drag and drop filter editing.
  • Extensible architecture - other addons can add their own item properties that can then be used to filter views.

The following features are planned in the near future:

  • Ability to customize sorting per view using a similar drag and drop interface currently used for editing filters.
  • Ability to toggle individual views to view items as a list.

Built In Filters

  • Bag Index - which physical bag the item is located.
  • Bag Type - if the item is in a bag, bank, work, etc.
  • Character - which character owns the item.
  • Equip Slot - which slot the item may be equipped.
  • Item Name - all or part of the item name.
  • Item Type - the type of item, armor, weapon, quest, etc.
  • Quality - the quality of the item, poor, rare, epic, etc.
  • Soulbound - whether or not the item is soulbound.


Known Issues

  • Tabs look a bit funny if you have too many views docked together.
  • Trying to dock a tab between two tabs can be tricky, since you need to put the mouse in exactly the right place, and it's difficult to see the insert indicator through the tab you're dragging.
  • Dragging new filters into the empty portion of the filter area doesn't work - you need to drag it close enough to an existing filter to see the insertion indicator for the new filter to be added.
  • View as a list is currently disabled.
  • "Testing" configuration section will be removed before the version 1.0.


Dockable item views
Drag & drop filter editing.
Examplt filter extension based on LibPeriodicTable