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An auction house AddOn to make the life of each fence easier.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author Neriak
Version 1.0
Credits Random, phyber, Rowne, Kaelten, Vincent (D.A.Down)
Embeds Ace2, AbacusLib
Releases WoWI
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

Fence is a modular and lightweight Ace2 tool of the trade for the daily auction house business. It's aim is to be as most efficient and modular as possible. Use /fence to enable or disable any included feature.

Caution: If you are using KC Items, Auctioneer or any other Auction House AddOn you either should disable the Auto Fill and Clicks module in Fence or the broker module in KCI. Conflicts are pretty possible if both modules are running simultaneously. However, the latest branch of KC Items has Fence embedded so there won't be any issues in near future!

Current modules

Auto Fill

Remembers the prices of items you put into the auction house. It does always calculate the right price, regardless if you auction a stack or only one of that kind. You can also set a fixed auction runtime (2, 8 or 24 hours) or let Auto Fill remember your last used auction runtime. Another option is the auto-buyout. It does multiply the start price with a customizable markup and fills the buyout when no price informations are available. So if the start price of an item is 1g and the markup is 1.5 the buyout would be 1,5g.

Bid Watch

Simple module to protect you against scam. You can set a fixed amount (in copper) when Bid Watch should warn you. It will ask you with a popup dialog. Eg. you set 10000 copper (1 gold). If you click a bid for 2 gold the popup dialog will show and ask if you're really sure to bid for this item.


The Clicks module is quite the most powerful tool of Fence. It's purpose is to shorten time-consuming and repeating processes by adding short-cuts for various actions.

  • alt and left-click on an item in your inventory does automatically auction the selected item for either known or standard auction house price. It also does switch to the auctions frame automatically or, does, when activated, a search for this item. When you're not in the auction house and a trade window is open, alt and left-click does automatically put the selected item into the trade window
  • alt-shift and left-click does sell the item immediately (you should always double-check after putting items on acution)
  • alt and right-click does split a stack into one piece each time you click
  • shift and right-click does split a stack into its half. eg: 20 into 10, 5,2 and 1. 5 always splits into 2 and 3 to 1.
  • ctrl and right-click does call the search module.


This is based on Abraha's AuctionSort. Updated for WoW 2.0 and made to use Ace2 by [1]. What it does is adding another sort option to the auction house, "Name".


ctrl and right-click will search the auction house for the selected item. It also switches to the browse frame automatically. Plans are to add an 'exact' search, which will only list the item you're searching for. eg. runecloth will show runecloth and not bolt of runecloth.


When you're browsing in the AH search frame the Browse module will show the single buyout price of an item right next to its name. It will also show you if there already are bids on the items. When the item name gets too long Single Price will truncate the name so, that the price information will still fit on the item button. Of course the single price will only be shown when the item count is greater than one. You can select which style you want to be shown (short, full, condensed) and also if you want to see if there were bids on the items.


Adds a reset button to the AH frame which quickly resets the AH to its default state. It also has the option to auto-reset the AH when you open it. If you were using AH_Wipe before you can delete it, since it's fully embedded now

Fence is built to be modular. Each of the above features is in the Fence/modules/ directory as a file or folder. Should you decide a particular feature is not necessary for you, either toggle it off through the /fence menu, or if you wish you may simply delete the associated file in this folder. Note that at this time, all modules are enabled by default. Be sure to remove or turn off those you do not wish to use after you install. If there are any comments, suggestions, or translations you would like to make available, please post them at the forum [2]. Authors are welcome and encouraged to commit additional modules, translations, or optimizations -- All I ask is that you inform me of the change on the forum.

Future plans

  • Coloring of auction house items (known recipe, cheapest bid/buyout)
  • Dewdrop based AH_Favorites -- [3] is already working on this (Fence_Bookmarks)
  • Price suggestion on item click (very minimal, only a quick scan, chat output, no tooltip modifications)