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An infinite amount of *very* customizable buttons
TOC 2.3 (20300)
Category Action Bars Addons
Author Cncfanatics
Version RC1
Embeds LibRock-1.0, LibRockDB-1.0, LibRockConsole-1.0, LibRockEvent-1.0, LibRockTimer-1.0, LibRockModuleCore-1.0, LibSpecialEvents-Aura-3.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

FlexBar2 is an addon that gives you control over each individual "action button". Not as many addons do, with an individual "action bar". You can place them anywhere you wish on your screen. You will have a fine tuned control of the look, size and placement of each button you create. Each button can also be grouped together with other buttons like an action bar. While FlexBar does not have pages as the default action bar does, the buttons can remap according to your stance/shapeshift/shadowform/stealth.

All this after many months of dedicated programming, bug reporting from the community, and countless updates... you are given Flexbar2. In short, it's a fully customizable action button addon that allows you to manage each individual button.

  • An unlimited number of buttons, and an unlimited number of bars
  • Each button can be moved around individually or as a contained group (aka bar)
  • Each button can individually(or as a group) have stance changes and status changes (ie. stealth, combat, defensive)
  • The texture, alpha, and scale can be changed, again... individually or as a group.
  • The text and information within the buttons can be moved (corner to corner)
  • It doesn't support the Persians :)

Cnc being "MIA" and other notes

It seems some people have labeled me as "MIA" lately, so I'd like everyone to know that I'm still active and working on FlexBar, its just that I'm an awfull community manager and that I often forget to check forums, wikis and so on (I actualy noticed this because somebody mailed me, thanks for that). So I'd like someone to volunteer for "managing the community" and eventualy put up a real forum for FlexBar and its modules. If you want to volunteer, please mail me at diego.duclos@gmail.com

Getting started

The configuration of FlexBar2 is done though slash commands. You will only have to do it this way while we work on a GUI for it.

Below is a basic guide to getting Flexbar2 up and running, giving you a basic understanding of how the configuration works.

  • /fb blizz show=false
    Hides the default art and bars, including the action bar, bag bar, menu bar, and latency bar.
  • /fb create button=1-12
    Creates 12 buttons for you. They can be separated by ";" for example 1;2;3;4;5, can be specified as a range 1-5 or can just be one single number 1
  • /fb group button=1-12 group=bar1
    This creates a "bar", or a group. These move together and hold their positions as a group. This group is named "bar1" for later configuring purposes.
  • /fb lock group=bar1
    Locks down bar1.



Please report any bugs you find as well as constructive criticism to improve Flexbar2 further! Please report them on the discussion page.


Have a look at the Flexbar2 config GUI(alpha) here [1]


Donations are much appreciated