FlexBar2 PetBar

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FlexBar2 petbar modules, provides petbuttons
TOC 2.2 (20200)
Category Action Bars Addons
Author Warloxx
Version beta
OptionalDeps FlexBar2_Tooltip, FlexBar2_Action, FlexBar2_Highlighting
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

FlexBar2_PetBar is an additional module for FlexBar2.

With it you can make a button to a petbutton.

It supports Tooltips and Cooldowns.

Unfortunately you can't toggle the autocast option whith this, because this function is protected. Nevertheless the animation will be shown if the action will be autocasted.


/fb buildnewpetbar

This will create a new petbar. The buttons will be named "petbarbutton#" and grouped to a group named "PetBar#" and aligned to a horizontal line.

/fb createpetbar

/fb setpetbutton button=<Button> petbutton=<PetButtonID>

set a button to a petbutton

set 3 buttons to petbutton 1
/fb setpetbutton button=5-7 petbutton=1
set 3 buttons to 3 different petbuttons
/fb setpetbutton button=5-7 petbutton=4;5;10
clone the pet bar on existing buttons
/fb setpetbutton button=1-10 petbutton=1-10
/fb setpetbutton button=1-10 petbutton=* (petbutton=* is equal to petbutton=1-10)
/fb petbtn