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Raid Buff Checking and Reporting for Raidleaders
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Raid Addons
Author hamunaptra
Credits None so far...
Embeds Ace2
OptionalDeps FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

What it is

fmBuffCheck basically checks the buffs of group/raid members and reports if any of the required ones are missing. The raid leader can setup different profiles of buffs that he deems to be required. This could for example be boss oriented or instance based. The default set that is created when the addon is run for the first time requires the following buffs: 1 weapon buff, 1 food buff, 1 guardian elixir and 1 battle elixir. This addon is currently considered BETA quality, errors are expected and should be reported as they are found.


  • Checks for required buffs on request from raid/group leader and reports status of members
  • Supports an unlimited (within reason) amount of buff profiles to be checked for
  • Integrates with FuBar
  • Localized to deDE and enUS (feel free to contribute, I don't have access to other client locales)
  • Currently reporting is done the following way: The difference between the current and the maximum achievable buff state is calculated for each player. The program then reports the best, worst and average buff state for the whole raid including a projection into the future (configurable by the raid/group leader).

Wishlist / ToDo

  • Report buffs that the raid should have based on the members of the raid (i.e. prayer of will or suchlike) and notify the classes able to buff it to actually do it. Currently there is no filtering based on what the Raid CAN buff, it is assumed that everything that the RL selects can also be buffed.
  • Report on existence and duration of soul stone(s). With the current buff framework in place, this should be easy to do...
  • Move from a text based report (in a frame/FuBar) to a more graphically oriented format (no clue on how to do this yet, maybe a histogramm type of thingy). In the meantime, the frame should be more flexible (i.e. support dragging offcenter).
  • Error checking and QA: there are probably some buffs missing and others are misspelled/typed. Bugs are expected... Input is appreciated, just drop me an ingame mail on EU-Malfurion (hamunaptra) or go to the forum: [1]

Take care