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A utility to auto-accept re-enchant confirmation dialog boxes.
TOC 2.4 (20403)
Category Tradeskill Addons
Author perunaion
Version 3.1
Embeds Ace2
Releases UI.WoW
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye
The annoying confirmation box.

After grinding some 30 something enchants on my bracers, the dialog box that comes up to confirm if you wish to overwrite the enchant drove me nuts. I wrote this mod, to auto-accept it and allow The Grind to continue.

Note, although this has not been tested, it is assumed to work on any permanent enchant, not limited to the Enchanting profession itself.


There are two options, replace and inform. To enable the mod simply type /forceenchant replace on. By default this is disabled, a message will appear in your chat log when the mod has intercepted an auto-accepted an enchant overwrite confirmation.


Can be invoked with either:

  • /forceenchant
  • /fe
/forceenchant replace
Enables and disables the enchant overwrite confirmation.
Defaults to off.
/forceenchant inform
Enables and disables the chat log message that will appear when an enchant is auto-replaced.
Defaults to on.


If the mod is enabled, and you attempt to enchant an item that has a permanent enchant on it already, it WILL overwrite no questions asked. Some of these casts are instantaneous. I'd suggest you not have the replace option enabled in your day to day activities as there is a reason the confirmation box is there :). This author holds no responsibilities or guarantees for any damage, issues, loss of materials that may arise in its usage.