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FuBar 3.0
A panel that modules can plug into.
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Interface Enhancements Addons
Author ckknight
Embeds LibRock-1.0, LibRockConfig-1.0, LibRockEvent-1.0, LibRockLocale-1.0, LibRockHook-1.0, LibRockDB-1.0, LibRockTimer-1.0, LibJostle-3.0
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye
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Fubar is a panel that modules can plug into. Check this List of Plugins.

German localization: neriak and Chinkuwaila
French localization: Shouryuu


Fubar 3 is in current development/beta and is based upon the Rock library. It should be installed directly to the Fubar directory. Fubar 3 can be downloaded from the AceSVN link in the sidebar.

Fubar 2 is based on the DewDrop library and is installed to the Fubar2 directory with a stub installed in the Fubar directory. Note: That not all plugins work with FuBar2. It is an unsupported version. FuBar3 is the official version of FuBar.


  • Drag and drop rearragement of plugins.
  • Any plugin can exist on left or right.
  • Automatically adjust frames (can be turned off)
  • Any number of bars (not limited to just 2), you can attach to the top, bottom, or detach any amount you want.
  • Can detach a tooltip and pin it to the UI.
  • Object-oriented design.
  • LoadOnDemand capabilities for plugins.
  • Modularity (absolutely no plugins are intimitely connected to the core)
  • Minimal resource usage
  • Lots of handy features for developers.
  • Well documented API.
  • Skinning support
  • Can change the thickness, font size, transparency, spacing through simple sliders on the right-click menu.
  • Can place plugins on the minimap, which will function like standard minimap buttons.

Plugin Authors

See LibFuBarPlugin-3.0 and FuBarPlugin-2.0 for library documentation