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FuBar - AlarmClockFu
A FuBar Alarm Clock
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Miscellaneous Addons
Author Anthony White
Version 1.1.0
Embeds LibFuBarPlugin-3.0, LibRock-1.0, LibRockConfig-1.0, LibRockConsole-1.0, LibRockDB-1.0, LibRockTimer-1.0, Tablet-2.0
Dependencies FuBar
Releases Curse
Betas AlarmClockFu Ace SVN Zip
Changelog AlarmClockFu FishEye


AlarmClockFu is a simple alarm clock plugin for the FuBar AddOn. The project was based partly on ClockFu, and partly on AlarmClockWrangler for Titan.


AlarmClockFu includes the following standard features

  • Clock based on local time / server time or both
  • Clock can be displayed in either 12 or 24 hour format
  • 3 Separate alarms that have the following features:
    • All alarms are recurring (they will trigger every day at the same time as long as they are enabled)
    • All alarms can be set by hour and minute
    • Alarms can display a custom message when they trigger, such as "Go to work!"
  • One countdown alarm
    • This alarm will trigger after a specified amount of hours and/or minutes has passed


Here is a set of features I plan on implementing for the next stable release (italics implies that the feature is already implemented and stable)

  • AlarmClockFu 1.1.0 Release
    • a countdown alarm
    • Add a recurring option (the ability to toggle whether the alarm will reoccur)
    • Add a snooze feature (snooze time should be configurable in the settings)
    • Feature Requests / Bug Reports
  • Future Releases
    • Customize the sound played when an alarm is triggered

Known Issues

  • Snooze is not currently implemented, but the button is visible (oops) :)