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FuBar - CorkFu
Track needed buffs, debuffs and more
TOC 2.0 (20000)
Category Buffs Addons
Author Tekkub Stoutwrithe
Version 2.0
Credits Thiana (Warlock modules), Gnancy (Soullink module)
Embeds AbacusLib, Ace2, BabbleLib, CrayonLib, DewdropLib, GratuityLib, SpecialEventsEmbed, TabletLib, TekTechEmbed
OptionalDeps FuBar
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye
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Cork is basically a replacement for NeedyList.


  • Based off SpecialEvents (soon to be fully embedded) for better event handling
  • Uses FuBar and Tablet (detached tooltips) to manage the "list". Still retains "Click to cast" functionality similar to NL when in detached mode
  • Clicking the FuBar button will "cure top need," Will also have a keybind for this
  • Modular design, every "need" is a seperate module that manages it's own list of "needy" units. Only modules for your class will load. Also allows for non-spellcast type needs (like scrolls and potions). Allows for other authors to develop modules as well.