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FuBar - DominosFu
FuBar support for Doninos
TOC 2.4 (20400)
Category Action Bars Addons
Author Laotseu
Version 1.0 $Revision$
Embeds Ace2, DewdropLib, FuBarPlugin-2.0
OptionalDeps FuBar
Dependencies Dominos
Website wowinterface.com
Releases WoWI
Betas Ace SVN Zip
Changelog FishEye

This addon provides FuBar and/or Minimap support for Dominos.



  • Quick access to Dominos configuration window
  • Lock/Unlock the Dominos bars
  • Enable/Disable key binding mode
  • Hide/Show macro text on buttons
  • Hide/Show button tooltips
  • Movable minimap icon
  • FuBar support


The addon is based on Arkive Bongos3 FuBar addon that was based on Ruinna's Bongos2 FuBar addon. They did all the hard work really.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the fantastic work that Tuller did on Bongos and Dominos. Thanks a bunch mate.

Change Log

  • v1.0: Initial release